One shot cheaters caught red handed full video

If you do not wish to watch the majority of the match (which is sped up) you can go to 2:14 to see the incident.
It disappoints me to encounter this and more so that there is no means of reporting them to either Sony or Illfonic with results.


That is a new one, and on console as well?

Sorry this happened to you and thanks for sharing!


Yep. I turned crossplay off after the first week following release, because of exactly this kind of BS. I didn’t even know something like this was possible on console.

its difficult to see what happened… is it really someone using hackz or was a weird environment/collision glitch. just shooting from the hip here, please correct me if im not seeing something obvious


I am not sure how you missed it. At 2:15 and change, I get one shot. Through full health, through second wind all in a fraction of a second. You can even hear the shot right before it lands.

still trying to see the shooter, I must be blind lol. I see u aiming at 2 FT members and then ur down. also even if it is a hack for 1shot, why would it bypass ur second wind? surely that would still activate and they would need to 1 shot once again to finish the pred off…

Then that really shows it is a hack. Completely by passing everything.

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yea it very well could be

Curious, do you have a link? Was I one who was doubting you? And most importantly were you able to submit video or other proof?

I am guessing there was not video, but as you can see having such a piece of evidence can say a lot.

Do you have a link to the post/topic? If it is related to this I would link it here.

I would also like to review where you think I said you were an idiot and were making shit up, because I certainly do not recall that.

unfortunately when u don’t have evidence the conversation almost always stops there, what else is there to discuss then? at least with this video we can talk about potentialities and legitimacy

Never seen this before thought maybe you disconnected or something. Its abit odd it also says you’re still alive at the end hmm.

nice catch! why would it still show him alive? is it more likely a hack interfered and borked the game or the game borked the game lol so to speak…

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That’s what I would think, maybe ddos his internet. As I know if the predator “quits” it’s an automatic down for the fireteam.

Okay, I’ve watched it over and over and the weird things things that stand out to me are no OWLF after Predator was eliminated, there’s no Predator damage at all so if it was a one-shot hack damage should still register.
To me it seems that the game has just bugged out either killing you outright or another case of AI damage to Predator bypassing everything… I’m trying to rule out every possibility before we label anyone a cheater.


Could be a glitch… weapon swap glitch or something… so many bugs have yet to be discovered lul

If he has been DDoSd he would have lost all connection to the game and wouldn’t have seen the post game screen, he would’ve at least got a network error message. Good call, but definitely not a DDoS attack.

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i think its game related, as in a bug or glitch or hiccup, whatever. ive fallen below the map a few times early on pre 1.06, it killed me but cant remember post game results if i was registered alive or not. I know this is anecdotal but its all i can offer. this game’s engine stability is rocky at best which i think is apparent to all.

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Yeah you’re right definitely should wait to see if this happens again. Its looking like it’s a glitch in the game

Indeed, it’s strange as hell but I’m more inclined to think it’s a bug. Had a strange instance tonight defusing the bomb, completed the puzzle and got the message saying the bomb was defused but it detonated instead and it wasn’t even out of time??
Is it possible for illfonic to use the original PS4 recording and analyse the metadata? @Courier

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