Open world star wars game announced.

Who’s excited?? 😁😁


I was excited till I read it’s going to be made by Ubisoft. Then I wept.

Depends what kind of game it is

Better play it year 1 while its decent before it gets powercrept to hell

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By Ubisoft? Wait, does that mean EA no longer has exclusive right to Star Wars? Or am I missing something?

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That makes me shiver at the thought. What makes it worse is that I think it’s the same team that made the Division. Yikes!

Seems to be. Obviously they’ll still get to make star wars games but now other studios are getting a chance. I’m guessing it’s to do with the whole Lucasarts revival and rebranding into Lucasfilm games.


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I was thinking light rpg assassin’s creed in space with the typical Ubisoft parkour towers and 300 worthless trinkets to obtain for the open world collectathon.

If it’s multiplayer lite rpg elements with rainbow six HERO PASSES and the division’s WORLD TIERS and a season pass lol.

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My reaction exactly lol.

Hey at least you can pay to skip all of that for 1000 helix credits! Oops I mean 1000 Kyber Crystals!

There is no skipping the arbitrary ubisoft towers that you are required to climb to progress the story!

Whenever you get to the top and push whatever the button is, the star wars theme will play. Then you must recapture all the listening posts.
Dive through alleyways and parkour through the open world city for ubisoft collectables.
Preorder bonuses include a purple lightsaber and R2D2.


Okay okay. My head has been so deep in these forums and making my next video I completely missed the announcement. Watching ACG’s scoop right now

EA still gonna make games but other companies will be involved

Umm ok. I never said they weren’t making more. I’m simply glad they don’t have exclusivity.

Basically Disney was disappointed in EAs treatment of star wars exclusive contract so now other companies can get the license to use however I for one don’t give a fuck as ubisoft hasn’t made a good game since assassin’s creed revelations

I look forward to seeing either a watch dogs clone, far cry clone or ass creed clone with a star wars skin on it and not playing it cause it’s not what I want in a star wars title

All I can do is pray obsidian gets there hands on the license and makes an actually good game with it

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Nope. I only see Star Wars now as a kiddy franchise. I don’t take it very seriously. There are like 5 or so different SW games/films/shows/ and none of them stick. They are like holding on to either nostalgia or kiddy mentality.
We’re not at a state of entertainment where people need to play bible with open world. Oh god that would be infinitely patronizing and self-indulgent.

Play CyberPunk2077. That game is legit. today legit.

Here’s how to play CyberPunk:

  1. Stick to the main story as much as possible. Absorb as much story as possible.
  2. Stick to Quests that are moderate difficulty as much as possible.

The story is what will stick, not the gameplay.

I just want RPG’s to be more like fallout new vegas and less like mass effect 3 which is what all modern RPG’s are and it fucking sucks

Aside from like indie stuff play disco elysium when the VA dlc drops it’s actually great

No, not me3 (that was good). ME4 was blindsighted bad because it added too many quests. It was half beautiful in the worlds, but it stuck too many mindless quests that made you go nuts.

The ❤️ was because the words on the screenshot are in Finnish.