Ik I played with robo a few days ago but how are you guys enjoying the game so far and where are u currently at?


And anyone else who plays


Game is super fun.

Everything a modern shooter should have.

Only problem with it is the login/server stuff, which isn’t too bad of a problem to have considering so many ppl want to play it.

Love the devs attitude with the game and the vibes they give off.


Game is over good and very injoyable, but currently coop is a nightmare with all the bugs and constant crashing

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Just unlocked crafting the other day, most of the time I can never get signed in because of the servers other times I get plagued by bugs. My first character was so bugged that I couldn’t finish the quest to unlock the gun lady and a main story mission wouldn’t work at all forcing me to have to delete the character and start fresh. When it works though it is kind of fun. I’m gonna give it like a week or two before I get back on.

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I heard mostly negative from people who played it . I haven’t looked too much at it as it doesn’t look like my kind of game , it looks alot like gears of war?

It’s like gears meets Destiny mixed with some Mass Effect elements. It’s got some cool and fun aspects but if you’re looking for a good story or less buggy than P:HG then this ain’t it. Overall it’s a basic looter shooter.


A game less buggy than hunting grounds? You almost had me there , now I know you are yanking my crank

I barely jump from game to game unless it really grabs my attention

It’s a piece of shit.
It’s got more problems than this game ever did.

I’m waiting like a week or two so they hopefully fix all the issues.
Servers are so damn unstable that its near impossible to play with friends.

Aside from technical issues it really does feel like a free to play game.


Honestly I regret buying it, do you remember the whole fiasco I went through consistently crashing just to get no where lol.


Ya, as long as they fix the lag, and can somehow make it less janky, and fix the crash issues, then it will be playable.

Hell you couldn’t couldn’t even log in yesterday.


Yesterday and most of the day before.


@REYNOSO_FUA11 @Fire is this another Cyberpunk bs game. A unpolished turd that will eventually need to refund massive amounts of players for being unplayable?

I almost bought it but I wasn’t super impressed by the demo so I was like Ill wait till its a ps plus game. So probably next month lol

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Not cyberpunk level of fuckery but below P:HG, I’d wait at least two weeks to a month but by that point I’d be on ME:LE so there’s be no point.

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Yeah same!

Pre-ordered it last night. Super hyped

Hell no, it’s way worst than PHG.
I barely had issues at the start of this game.
Outriders is non stop bullshit.

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I meant below P:HG as in its beneath it in terms of how buggy it is, at least with pred I can still play a match after waiting 10-15 min whereas this game I can’t even login after 25-30 min.

What the hell is ME:LE

Mass effect remaster collection ultra super deluxe fuck whoever you want in vr edition.


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Intriguing 🤔