OWLF Recordings

I’ve been trying to collect these since they seem interesting. I’ve managed to get 7 of them, however I escaped with an OWLF recording today and did not recieve a new one. Is this a bug or is it possible to collect one that you already have?


Man, I’ve collected so many and left with them. However I only have 2, it’s odd. Don’t know if I’m missing something or if it’s bugged.

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The weirdest part is that you can also get OWLF recordings as Predator XD

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Lol, “Wtf is this? This doesn’t look like Yautja tech. Whatever, looks cool, I’ll take it.”

Pretty much XD

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They spawn randomly. They could be in anyplace where Veritanium is. They spawn in the same locations. You just have to search all of them.

My brother and I were playing and we both collected it. Yet only he got it, because he picked it up first. Not sure if this was a bug, maybe it was fixed with the latest patch. But you won’t get it, if you’re killed. You have to survive, and you might have to be on the winning team. Not sure if you get it as a Predator, if the FT escapes.


Just continue searching for these in private matches as FT. Sometimes I found them right at the beginning. Sometimes I didn’t find anything at all for some matches. At least you can collect Veritanium while searching.

I’d picked up maybe near 15 records and no one of them has been added to my collection. Seems like this is a bug.

So on PC when I play private matches and just run through by myself every recording I found I kept. So, I’d recommend giving that a shot until whatever this bug is gets fixed.

I’ll say, the recordings don’t give you anything other than the recordings themselves and some XP. So I wouldn’t bother grinding for them unless you just really want to collect them.

Yeah what @MiguelItUp said. I now have every OWLF recording, and it always gives you one in private match without trouble. I was kinda hoping there was a secret or something for collecting them all but sadly not. Either way private matches are the best way to get them. Participate in Varitanium: Farming Grounds XD

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Dude, this is legit what the game became for me. Especially when I realized how much faster I was ranking and leveling just hoarding all the XP.

I’m literally opening like 100 cratess a day now. Still very troubling drop rates though… :/

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Yeaaaaah the locker meta absolutely needs to be tweaked. I understand rare things are hard to get. But there are so many people that have hit 100 and have received zero, lol.

Oh,.for those who are into Predator lore these records are a big deal…and I’ve created a post that ties in with this matter.

Via these records a big revelation is told: what happened to Dutch (Schwarzenegger’ character) after the ending of the first movie…and this is something that was never revealed via the comics nor via the novels in the “Predator Universe”–which are viewed as “canon” mediums.

My post has the following question:
Are the events (OWLF recordings) and subsequent content added to the game Predator: Hunting Grounds considered canon? If yes, then these records are a huge leap in the overall story of Predator…

I couldn’t find much information on how much IllFonic can expand in the universe, but there’s a new novel about to be released which seems to “suggest” that the game and possible content added to it will be “canon”.

Here I quote about the new novel:
“This official prequel novel leads into the new PlayStation®4 video game from IllFonic. PREDATOR: STALKING SHADOWS is the bridge between Predator 2 and the current day continuity.”


It is some pretty cool stuff indeed. Not sure if its canon tho unfortunately. But it should be pretty rad.

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I collected almost all of these tablets in private matches

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Well then this bug is a bigger issue than we have realized.

I think I can understand your “frustation”, but these records bring up a huge revelation to the universe of Predator…the story of what happened to Dutch (Schwarzenegger’s chatacter). It has been a myayery ever since and neither the comics nor the novels provided any i fo on this…yes I know I am geeking oit but…for me it’s super interesting :)

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Honestly I think it’s about as canon as it could get, haha. I love lore so I’m all about it. But I could see some people not really caring unless collecting them all unlocked something cool.