Hey guys. I just had one of my wisdom teeth removed today. I feel so fullfilled. Got pumped with anesthetic tho and hurts like a MF now. Had to take 3 different strong pills to fight the pain.
Have you guys had your wisdom teeth removed or did they grow normally?

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grow normal for me

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long time ago…

luck much?

I was born without wisdom teeth. Thanks, genetics

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Had em taken out when I was awake.

Rest and relax and do what the doc says!

I was awake aswell. Got injected.

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Body heals faster and isnt in molasses mode when trying to recover.

Wanted to play volleyball the same day lmaooo

I had other teeth taken out so they could grow in, however I have one that is impacted and am terrified of the dentist.

Got any ideas what to eat for the next 7 days? I’m not allowed to chew and I’m pretty much a carnivore. I’m not sated without meat.

Don’t be. Be terrified of what can happen if you postpone. One cavity can f up everything. I had chipped teeth for like 5 years and cavities formed. When I went to repair them in 2017, my only solution presented was to replace almost everything on the upper side. Only 2 were left untouched. Plus it hurts the wallet a lot.

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I had a pair of those fuckers removed in basic training in '08.
Fucking SUCKED, but feels better once they’re gone.

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Damn that’s a rip man I’m going soon mine is growin in lmao

Removed as a high school rite of passage. You just have to lay around and remember not to swallow the pool of blood when you wake up ack

Ice cream, yogurt etc. You can do eggs but no steak for you.


So I got all 4 removed when I was like…24 (?) At the same time.

Luckily I worked in construction at the time and had really good insurance. They hit me with the sleep anesthesia. One of the best naps ever.

I didn’t have much pain after, aches but because the removal was to prevent pain and not because the typical it was touching nerves or causing it yet I guess I lucked out in that end.

As for what you can eat, first few days, yogurts, ice creams.

After that I stuck to ramen noddles since they required less chewing and easy to swallow, I was a bit paranoid about the whole “food bits getting stuck in the healing area and causing massive pain later” so ramen noodles camen clutch for a few days.

Just be aware and call the docs if you have questions. My friend “cleaned out” the healing area cause he thought it didn’t look okay in the mirror and cleaning up would help - quite the opposite. Made it worse, so if you got questions, call them. Its what. You paid for too.

If you can take a week off work, enjoy the painkillers and play video games. I did that, well I sold my strong painkillers cause I didn’t need em 😂—I mean no I didn’t.

Sleep alot when you take the painkillers–lesd incentive to eat too.

All 4 in one day? I can’t enjoy shit. I need meat. I feel nauseous and dazed from the pills and lack of real food. I’m gonna try and eat some cold supper and poultry to not feint.

Yeah man, i got the good stuff. It was black out nap.

And I feel you man but don’t play around your first few days healing.

Trust me, I get offended if someone offers me a leaf bowl or some shit like that but the repercussions if you get a food bit in the cavity this earlier will make you regret it.

Eat soft food, yogurt, noodles, swallow more than chew, after a few days ypu can start back or normalish foods.

Trust me if food gets in the cavity and doesn’t heal up, you will hate it even more.

Medicinal sleep if you prefer not to eat alts instead but be mindful man.

Going back hurts and sucks 3x times more

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I can open my mouth wider than yesterday. I still had to take painkillers this morning. Tomorrow’s the last day to take antibiotics. Hopefully after one more sleep I’ll be ok without painkillers. To be honest what hurts the most is my mandible more than anything.

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The strong sleepy painkillers are only really needed for a the first few days.

Aftet that any over the counter ibuprofen/motrin should hold the aches/sore over. Stronger the better but 200mg is the strongest you can buy without a doc.

I recommend having on hand or available at least.

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I use to take metamizole, luckily my parents can get without prescription. It’s the only thing that works for my headaches and other pains. I feel that almost everything else is a scam. Not to get started on naturist/alternative medicine :)