Pass or Play (June DLC)

Seeing illfonic utilizes the DLC funds and game purchases to fuel their future updates and content.

What is everyone’s opinion on this months?

Seems like a new FT member and whatever free update they choose to add regardless of community feedback.

Are you supporting this till the end due to the Predator IP?

Or you passing on it this time?

Personally, with how the game seems to not be supported and with how little communication they continue to provide, I personally will no longer be buying DLC.

I Feel for the amount of support they have received, all this time from us, with the lack of what they have physically produced, is a gigantic backhand to the efforts of the community.

Hell, they probably don’t want to be dealing with this game anymore. Probably onto different things by now.

Good luck @IllFonic

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omg we did stuff?


That really depends of the DLC.
If it somehow fixes this bugs/crashes/glitches, i’m still on.
For the paid DLC, if it’s another stupid american football character, i’m not gonna spend my money on that, even if the price is 1 cent.


What on earth would give you that impression?

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Same, it depends on what it is. With the exception of the Predator pack last month I’ve bought every DLC. Granted I didn’t get Dante until a week before Valkryie came out, and he actually is one of my favorites, a lot of fun to play.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there has got to be something bigger comming down the pipe in order for this game to survive. I think originally they planned to release it earlier than now but they just haven’t been able to get it right.

Hopefully soon, in the meantime I’ll play once in a whilr

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The humongous negative cloud surround this game and Illfonics efforts?

The game is seriously falling apart with day one glitches poking through.

Bet they are tired of how badly they have handled this game and probably would like to change up their day-to-day lmaoo

My question was drenched in sarcasm , mate 😁


I bought the previous predator mask pack as well.

Feel I shouldn’t have since we eventually get them.

You’d think that right?

Sarcasm is hard to read lmao.


I have been saying this for months , so has alot of other people , its been clear for a long time and a predator anniversary passed , a predator 2 anniversary passed and even their own first year anniversary passed . They done nothing . A passion project? Dont insult my intelligence (no matter how low it may be)


Yea… not capitalizing in the 30th anniversary of Predator 2 was a hugeeeee mistake.


The 87 movie just had an anniversary aswell.

These guys suck , they are like parasites of loved IPs


The sad part is, illfonic is so stupid that they don’t even know how to capitalize on a huge gain in player base, by releasing popular content. Now that the player base is dwindling, their chance to maximize on things like AvP Preds and the Jungle Hunter are shriveling up and dying in a frozen tundra.

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Yep… we know where their REAL priority is.

Taking up 80s horror IPs that eventually end up getting locked out due to copyright fights, then abandoning said project to go do the same thing to another 80s Horror IP XD

Quick and easy way to make a buck and not have to finish what they start. They have found their model!

The lawsuits can’t be helped , but it sure was convenient and perfect for them to drag ass

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Just odd how it happened to them before and out-of ANY IP they could have possibly chosen, they choose another 80s Horror IP that copyright was eventually ending or switching hands back to the original IP holders.

Just too much of a coincidence for me.

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I want to see some predator tech… not this fortnite cave man weapons.

Axe, club, combi, hammer, wristbands all need buffs.
Arx heavy attack is an insta down at 255 dmg.
Hammer 180 dmg
Combi body shot 100 dmg head 255 dmg
Net gun stuck to wall is 10sec bleed tick or until cut out
Bear traps should cause a bleed as well
Ground slam is the most useless tool in the game and makes zero sense

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It just so happens they are old IPs from a timeperiod

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With those buffs on the weapons any loadout would become meta .
I agree on the blooding by net.
Traps should not cause bleeding, but damage and temporary slowing FT.

You’ll land those hits on potatoes. Moving good ft. Polly not. If I made the game the pref would have half the hp with 50 percent increase in dmg. Making him deadly. Surving As ft to the end would be super hard and require teamwork. Right now it’s way to ez

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