Patch 2.0 Part III - Crossplay Party Invites

Patch 2.0 Part III

Patch Notes 2.02

Crossplay party invites are now in Predator: Hunting Grounds

This functionality allows friends on PC and PS4 to play the Predator: Hunting Grounds together in Quickplay and Private Matches. If you encounter any issues while having your account linked, please share what you observed over in our Bug Reports forum.

To enable crossplay party invites, PS4 players will be required to link their PS4 account to Epic Account Services. PC players require no additional steps.

Linking your PS4 account to Epic Account Services for Crossplay

To link your PS4 account to Epic Account Services,

First navigate to your Options Menu in Predator: Hunting Grounds and make sure that CROSSPLAY is ON

Then choose the option “Click to Start Linking”

After obtaining your code (as shown above), navigate to and enter the code you have been given.

If you do not have an Epic Games account, you will be required to create one now.

And you’re done!


Hoorah it is finally here! It’s not a feature I’m likely to use but I’m glad to see it finally arrive for the people that wanted it.


Hopefully this fixes all the crashes that have been happening.

If I can make it through the weekend without experiencing game breaking bugs I promise to buy both Dutch DLCs


No thanks not interested in epic games anything hopefully your game works without it or see ya later

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You know all you want is those delicious sweet tasty sexy shaders. Lol

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You’re damn right I do. I’m planning to buy every single one and stare at them hours upon hours. I’ve already stated at the purple predator for 3 hours straight…it’s beautiful.


I really hope your kidding about more shaders, though we do agree that deep purple pred is fairly awesome

You’re beautiful.

Is that all we got this month? Shaders and three masks?

Do I look like the kind of guy to joke about shaders? I would never do such a thing. They’re just so…holy. Best thing to happen to this game and we can never have more than enough.


Aw shucks. I ain’t purple Pred level of beautiful though.


“Is that all?” What the bloody…are you implying shaders aren’t substantial content bro? You just fucking triggered me.

I don’t think pred got anything really tbh.

Except more heals via large pouch?

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Wrist launcher for any Predator

Wow what a waste.

Wrist launcher fkn blows, its so slow.

State or stare?

Oops meant to put stare



Just sayin what came in the patch is all