Patch 2.0 Part III - Crossplay Party Invites

Getting ready to queue up for my first match since the new gear became available.

Not gonna lie, I’m nervous but ready to die.

Tell me how it goes. Gl

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Btw that purple shader is fkn awesome. It’s got like hints of red.

I must make a class with it.

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And fixed the CH roar!

Good luck Dude

Omfg bro. Combi stick is still fucked on city hunter!!! Stupid fucking slow walk of death. @Courier @OldKingHamlet how bout a hotfix??

So much for buying both Dutch DLCs or playing this game this patch.

Where’s the paid dlc for this month?

Oh yeah! Hopefully many begin to play and help bring queue times down

I tried playing a match and guess what? I fkn crashed lmao. So we both got fucked.

I was gonna let the ft win tho. They were pretty cool.

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Then whyre you here

I think they said none this month on account of the big update coming next month.

Lol I’m not an illfonic employee so I’m not the best for information.

Like WTF? Seriously. This is ridiculous.

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Give credit were it’s due I didn’t get what I wanted out of this update but this is a feature I’m glad people can use now.

All this crashing is fucking killing me.



Michael, Kill!!

They said that this month, that this month was gonna be a big update and all we got was fkn shaders, three masks and wrist launcher garbage.

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So correction to their post.
Big update for ft lol.

And crossplay… Even though PC outperforms PS4 by a long shot…

Sorry for being so negative but Goddam its been over four months and the updates for each month has been bugs, more bugs and cosmetics. No maps, no game modes, just repetitive trash. This game needs to fkn die so I can get a Predator mmo in the style of Old Republic.

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