Patch 2.25 Feedback et suggestions

Welp (two) new patch it is so here come my personal feedback about them!


  • Cleo model is of course fantastic big prompt for the team behind it, keep on going with the good work guys.

  • The tapes are as usual super interesting and well played fantastic job and not gonna lie that make me hungry for more lore.

  • BOTS Finally something ussefull when it come to empty loby, now you guys just have to improves them a bit in PUB and private and we should be good.


  • Pretty much an empty update changes wise, no balance change for both predator and FT (who need that the most)

  • We need more range weapons for the predator, none of the melee ones are really good or make a difference due to the parry capacity and the highly powerfull DPS of the FT

  • Cleo is another slow predator tank, she should be a hard hitter with high mobility and medium health. Low mobility and huge health pool is aboslutly ussless against Any seasoned FT, just drop the pred to second wind and chase is fat ass down. there done. so yeah a change is in order

  • more bugs when it come to cleo disc and some bots being invisible in game.

*This is bit more personal and i know its just isabelle and keyes making assumption but: Yautja that are dumb muscle who can’t take care or repair their own tech? like come on. they are not shangeilie, those guys are ressourcefull damnit. (tiny dumb rant again not to be taken seriously.)


Overrall a pretty empty update after two months of wait. and despite some cool stuff like cleo models or the new tapes the update really failed to deliver with no balance change, weapon, or even a single optimazation patch. Despite this you guys advertised for the next patch movie predators games modes and perhaps a new map? i will stay tunned them and see for myself if the october patch will be the savior for this game but i have hopes. so good luck to the team working on the patch and see you in october.

this update is 4/10


Here are my suggestions for the team, From top, the most important ones, to bottom the less important. i hope this might help in some way!

  • New game modes : Oh boy,i know that you guys advertised the coming of a new mode but here on the community we really hope for a 3V10 or 3V6V6 between 3 predator and a more important group of fireteam, this a dream for many of us here to create our clan/pack of hunts against fireteam or even Stargazer teams. Also please if you made such a game mode, give the FT missions that will force them to split out. 2 FT dps are enough to drop a pred health in less than 10 secondes due to the high dps, so made so objectives in a way that force the FT to split up and allow the predator for more opportunity to pick them one by one.

  • Optimazation : Many of us among the community, me inclueded, are tired of having our computer heating up like an oven. At that point i can literally coock my eggs on it. i can only hope that sometimes in the futur we will get a serious and needed optimazation patch for all of us, PS player included.

  • Balance change: Its been 3 patches and we now seriously need a balance change overrall. Wich would be the nerf of every damage on both side, FT and predator wise. reducing the damage bonus given by yautja bane, stalker, fantome, mortal and sniper. Also reduce the number of medkits available on the map,same for the pigs its ridiculous that we can have +10 pigs in one spawn area and 4 medkits in one outpost/warehouse. also some change in FT missions/gameplay could be nice some mission are broken and can be done in 3 minutes with a seaoned team.

  • SuperPredator and other movie predator : You advertised their coming as well. but i will repeat here, people have enjoyed the different era Yautja you have made but now is the time to use (if you have the rights on them) the AVP and Predators Yautja/super pred and with the upcoming new game modes and isabelle being in the game we hope to see the super preds come first with unique abilities and weapon since they are somekind of subspecies and subculture (assholes) among their own kind.

  • Spectator mode : Could be a nice addition to the community, last year we made our first tournament and this year i hope it will be the case but in that case we need a good spectator mode for private matches. this way we don’t need to really on pred and ft stream who reduce the player performance to dust.

  • New range weapon : we have already a ton of melee for the the predator in general…and lets say that there tracking are not the best coupled with the parry, so now the predator need new ranged/medium ranged weapon, like shuriken, spearguns, mines, wolf shotgun, gathling plasmacaster or even the plasma sniper riffle of the neca predator. i hope to see more of thoses in the futur ^^.

  • New maps: Well we all hope to see that roadmap somedays as well as perhaps a pyramide maps (a full on one like in AVP)

  • Customazation : Some more custom capacity like battle damaged on predator mask, symbole marks like in AVP on the mask as well, broken mandibula, scars (for both sides) and perhaps the capacity to switch armors part together (for both sides as well)

  • Cleo revamped : She is a nice adition, but her being a tank is sad, she really need some mobility as well as some hard hitting capacity, but with lower hp, closer of the scout or the alpha. also if its not too much asking give her a unique appearance and roar, afterall she kicked Dutch ass, she deserve some respect.

  • MORE TAPES : More lore? heck yeah. lore that speak about the superpred and the pred influence over humanity history? FUCK YEAH


No More tapes, focus on the game and stop trying to write your own story. Just make a good game ffs

  1. Make game work

  2. Make game interesting


as if these weren’t ask way back since launch. this is the best they offer. i doubt October will be any better.


<_< read.

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Everything you said is absolutely correct and needed. And uk I would say we have a chance if me, yourself and many other day one players hadn’t said this same type of thing in the past. I can’t count how many times I’ve made a post with interesting feasible concepts to add to the game or gameplay adjust etc. I’m sure @OldKingHamlet or one of the other developers will pass this along and they say they hear us but implementation of certain things excluding movie franchise content that’s been long overdue has yet to be put in.


They ain’t gonna add any of this mate. Don’t waste your breath.

I agree with everything here. Really well said, good fellow!! I feel like Cleo should be the first to break the “slow tank” trend though. I suggested they max out her stamina or her speed. Or raise her stamina and health. Right now she has the lowest stat points, meaning arguably and obviously from a numerical and stat point value…she’s garbo.

Still looks like an alpha bad bitch though. I will give the creative team that!


Yeah the art department is truly gifted. The actually developers suck ass though.



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October is going to be very interesting

Can’t wait to see people lose their shit over Royce being added to the game as a Predator

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That’s not even funny

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It’s going to happen

Just listen to the Isabelle tapes

His jetpack will be so much fun!

Maybe we’ll get a four armed Yautja NPC too?


It’s the only thing actually good to come out if the games

Besides I don’t think it actually cuts into devolopment that much considering it’s probably a seperate team altogether

I love to see royce to get added

If that’s the case, it would be better to bring that team home and have them working on the actual game as well, otherwise they’re really not adding any value to this game. No one bought it to listen to an audiobook, least of which, locked to the extras in the main menu… so you can’t even listen to it while playing like any other game with this kinda exposition dump format.

If they can’t do anything else but write dialogues… theyre a wasted resource in a game like this. It’s unnecessary and will likely be bound to this games universe alone, making it ultimately pointless.

Like… just watch the movies or read the comics/novels if you wanna dive into the lore, this is a 1v4 action game that breaks continuity while pretending it doesn’t. Waste of your attention.




Know how to code games

Bravo your a genius

A. They’re kind of a nessacary part of all games

Even doom has use for them

And yes the 2016 doom

B. By that logic else world stories suck as well as the killing joke comic

hey whoa cool it with the anti-sangheli rhetoric

They weren’t uplifted by another race, the Brutes were. Sangheili had engineers developing slipspace tech in secret with stuff they reverse engineered from the Forerunners. They’re the best pilots in the Covenant. Even the rigid head honchos on their homeworld that swore against using the tech eventually needed it to turn the first war against the prophets which is how the covenant was formed to begin with. A Sangheli vs prophet draw.

Their tech isn’t so shitty that a showerhead or some gunfire breaks it either. Half of preds gear might as well be prototypes.

Bungie has actual writers and a coherent halo bible.

FT will get cloak pred will get a melee weapon



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And keep in mind that was mid war as they found using they’re technology heretical

No that’s not me being a templar

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