Patch Notes 1.09

Patch Notes 1.09

  • General
    • Increased drop rates of Rare, Exotic, and Mythical items
    • Fixed an issue where the player card would not immediately visually reflect the reward redeemed from challenges
    • Fixed an issue where the perk description would persist on the loadout menu even after selecting “none”
    • Fixed an issue where “No Challenges Active” text would display behind redeemed challenges
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Added more glyph variations to Self Destruct Defusal minigame
      • Fixed a bug that caused the third gear slot item to be unequipped if you equipped the Field Syrette, Medical Kit, and Ammo Bag all at the same time
      • Fixed an issue where Dutch’s facial hair would remain after being claimed by the Predator
      • Fixed an issue that caused the animation to not work as intended when jumping and ADSing at the same time
      • Fixed an issue where equipping the Ballistic Mask would remove the Fireteam member’s face when restarting the client
      • Fixed a bug that caused the map to not update while spectating
  • Predator
    • General
      • Fixed a bug that allowed the Predator to perform two leap slams consecutively
      • Fixed an issue where animation for stealth kills would not work as intended when the target reloads
      • Fixed a bug that caused the weapon wheel to persist if opened while meleeing
    • Weapons
      • Hand Held Plasma Caster
        • Increased damage

Cant wait to see how the handheld works now.

Ty illfonic 💚


handheld seems viable now. Very fun to use.


Thanks Illfonic!


All good additions and fixes. Keep it up @Courier


Love to see that you’re still adding smaller patches to fix known problems as needed

Can you give us word on any plans for future maps/gamemodes and when they might release? @Courier


Im not seeing queue times in quick play anymore. Did they take them out?

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Thank you Illfonic!

Now just a small buff to the war club!

Weather it be speed or damage.

Also, the full charge caster should have 1 shot down capabilities.

Especially if you’re aiming that thing. Can reduce the splash? Pot shots with it in movies melted people. A full charged one should at least debilitate them. My 2 cents :)

Really looking forward to new game modes and maps!


More glyphs? Good, makes downing Predator and defusing a harder choice than LOL ALWAYS DEFUSE RUSH BABEY


Please fix 32:9 screen … i’m sure it’s not difficult.

Thanks for all of this great work Illfonic! Don’t worry, alot of us believe in you to make this game live up to it’s potential!

If you guys like this game as much as I do, free to check out my YouTube Channel as I’ve been making daily videos about it day 1 :)




Perfect … Another 4 or 5 patch … +2 or 3 dlc …

And the game is really going to get good. And one day it will be excellent.

Keep going you’re on the right track


nice. More damage for the Hand held Plasma caster. Maybe then its worth a try


Maybe should take longer to get full charge and release should be shorter when kept at full, then damage could be improved.

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Nice job guys

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Can’t wait to field test the handheld caster!!!

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Goof job Illfonic , this and the previous update help the game a lot. Keep going. Now that you fix the slam glitch only REAL good predator with mechanical skill and aim are gonna be valorize.


The issue with buffing it to a 1 shot would be that it would be abused by preds charging it up behind a tree or a wall or some other obstacle, and stepping out to fire it. It means the fireteam gets no response time as by the time they’d seen the laser and realised what it is, the shot would have already hit a plater

It was actually good before imo, underused for some reason.