Patch Notes 1.11 (Hotfix)

Lately I have been experimenting a bug where after mudding up my weapons disappear. Makes it really difficult to shoot since the cross airs disappear one you use the aim function. I have video of it happening.

Also, matchmaking is not good. I’m at level 118 and sometimes be in a match with a 150 Elder Predator. This also happened when I first started playing when at level 16 I was in a match with a Berserker Predator (level 40+). That is just not fair.

There is no skill based matchmaking yet, they load up whoever is in queue together.

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I could agree with you, but honestly I’ve beaten up a few. It just depends on the player. Yes, it is hard to kill, but you can out run it easily with the FT scout.

Wish they made the predkour mechanic an interact command instead of a jump.

Please separate jump and interact for controller mapping :)


Looking forward to new maps and game modes :)!

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No as a zerk main this is a no if your team is getting aniahlated by a zerk you probably are a bunch of randos who r uncoordinated it takes 1 ft member to get me second wind if there a good shot and team I rarely loose but when I do it’s against a good team I main the disc and rarely rush because his stam is way to low

This is just my opinion not trying to come at you in any just wanted to let you know if we get anything for zerk it’s a damage buff and stam drain from weapons nerf only for zerk, he’s supposed to be an up close dangerous warrior who has very high damage resistance who shouldn’t be afraid to get dirty…this being said if zerks rush u with a combi sticc work as a team and actually shoot at him if one person parries his attack the whole team has enough time to get him second wind very quick

1 whole clip of hammerhead will prolly get him on very low hp like 1/3 so if all 4 of u are shooting he’s dead

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On PC this game has performance issues and it’s hard to get 60 FPS on all cinematic graphics settings (I Have a GTX 1070 Ti with an i7). I had to lower Shadows and Viewing distance to be able to play at 60 FPS constantly. I highly doubt the PS4 will get the same performance as a PC when the graphics are clearly not optimized. This game does not even look that realistic to be demanding so much GPU power.


When are you going to fix the random disconnection issues?

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So no word on broken Private matches mhmmm

Well tell your friends to make the loadout they want to use the default not that hard and infil sometimes makes the pred spawn a few hundred meters away from you when you cant it spawns you directly across the map

frequent disconnects during game also seems like urgent problem


The game was made for on the ps4 hardware either get a ps4 or stop complaining about something they will never fix

Do you really need to post your advertisement in every patchnotes thread? Kinda annoying and cheap looking.


Yeah agreed, just keep it to a “promote your youtube/twitch channel” thread. It wouldn’t be as bad shifo if you were ever playing some strong players but you only ever put up the potatoes. No I’m not counting the game vs sharpy where they had a build with no healing.

Hmm, joined an hour ago. Not sure if troll or not…
If you’re not then beserker sucks right now. His low stamina means his mobility is terrible and he just gets shredded.

You can’t change it on controller? I have jump, leap and jump into tree all on separate buttons. So damn useful.

Fuck your trash as gameplay with the scrubs you play. Shourd just download the game lst night go play against him and his buddies im sure a such “high level” Predator should be able to handle the human aimbot

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I struggle to do it on my Ps4 too. The button mapping is so wierd that i have no idea how to do it. Theres not a seperate option for climb tree to sign a specific button to it.

Jump/interact is combined on console :(

so is the elite skin back?



There s lots of another bug, will you fix them ?

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Ugh :(
It drove me nuts when I wanted to collect something from a tree that need a normal jump but nope launched into the fkin tree.

Controller is obviously limited with the number of buttons it has but players should have the option to choose to bind it separately.

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Thanks for your hard work Illfonic.

Could you please fix private lobby’s next?

And please give us premium fieldlockers with a guaranteed red item and a higher chance for mythical (yellow/gold items). Make them cost 1000 - 2000 veritanium, that would be great.