Patch Notes 1.11 (Hotfix)

Patch Notes 1.11 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed a bug where certain weapon skins would cause the equipped loadout to reset to default
  • Fixed an issue where the characters in the main menu cinematic would sometimes not appear
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while in the customization menu

I see…but the “try to eat pig and instead launch self into trees” bug and the “get signed out after about 2 hours” bug has not been hot fixed.

I guess those take longer to fix and will be in the next main patch. One certainly hopes so.


Decent hotfix looking forward to more!

Thanks for all of this great work Illfonic! Don’t worry, alot of us believe in you to make this game live up to it’s potential!
If you guys like this game as much as I do, free to check out my YouTube Channel as I’ve been making daily videos about it day 1 :)


that’s quick, thx as always, big shoutout to your developers, they sure know what they’re doing, troubleshooting software is hardcore, i know myself all too well…


Hot fix for Hotkeys please!

Wish the search times were fixed 😖


Can you fix the fact that none of my friends can pick loadouts or pick an infiltration spot since I have an SSD and the match load up faster then anyone else and doesn’t allow anyone else to pick and choose. Literally have friends that don’t want to play with me because the Mission debriefing never lets them pick the load out they want.


Don’t worry brotha I feel for ya, there is so much more to work on here on this game.

Guys, really dont you think that berserker should be fixed too? because he is a damn bug. The speed he has and stamina is way too high he is basically like hunter only has loads of hp and armor its impossible to win against him when even shooting with 4 people at the same time.

Thanks for the hotfix!

@Courier so is the elite skin back?

It’s exactly what the hotfix patchnotes says.

never saw this bug…he has less stamina and less speed…it was always like this.

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Hi is it possible to get the jungle looking as realistic for the ps4 as it looks on the pc?? Better looking explosions and better plasmagun collor when u shoot blue plasma collor? Sharper detailed in stealthmode And maybe other voices to mimic as predator like anytime /over here /its a trap! from the original movie that would be amazing please make the enviroment sharper and looking more realistic and detailed like the pc cause other games for the ps4 can also look great this game needs that for the ps4 please🙏

Theres a Glitch where the Predator will have 2 Plasma cannons instead of 1 Making it Immpossible to equip Your Secondary Weapon


Sorry, but none of the people playing would agree with you. Berserker is the easiest class to kill as an FT, we only get worried about scouts…

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Y’all are aware of the disconnect, yeah @IllFonic? It happens sporadically, more than I’ve ever seen from the build before this one.

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every 3rd game starts my weapons become invisible and I cant aim. Can you fix this bug Illfonic? @Courier