Patch Notes 1.14

Free Update #3

  • Unlockable Predator Katana - Now for all players (Level 75)
  • Unlockable Alpha Predator (Level 100)
  • New unlockable cosmetics (full list below)


  • General stability fixes
  • Implemented EOS invite support
  • Fixed crashes related to executions
  • Fixed crash related to swapping weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes not be able to detect crouched players that were right in front of them


  • Backwater
    • Improved lighting throughout the map

New Unlockable Cosmetics

  • Fireteam Face Paint
    • Fireteam “Bones” Face Paint Pattern
  • Fireteam Outfit Tints
    • Scout Hostile Camo Tint
    • Recon Hostile Camo Tint
    • Assault Hostile Camo Tint
    • Support Hostile Camo Tint
    • Dutch2025 Hostile Camo Tint
  • Predator Skin Pattern Tints
    • Scout Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • Hunter Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • Berserker Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • Scout Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • Hunter Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • Berserker Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • Scout Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • Hunter Skin PatternSmash Tint
    • Berserker Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • Predator Scout Classic Skin Pattern Swamp Tint
    • Predator Hunter Classic Skin Pattern Swamp Tint
    • Predator Berserker Classic Skin Pattern Swamp Tint
    • Predator Scout Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • Predator Hunter Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • Predator Berserker Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • Predator Scout Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • Predator Hunter Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • Predator Berserker Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • Predator Scout Skin Pattern Menace Tint
    • Predator Hunter Skin Pattern Menace Tint
    • Predator Berserker Skin Pattern Menace Tint
  • Knife Skins
    • Basilisk Knife Sunburst Skin
    • Teardrop Knife Sunburst Skin
    • Tactical Knife Sunburst Skin
    • Combat Knife Sunburst Skin
    • Stinger Knife Sunburst Skin
  • Weapon Skins
    • Decoy Skin - 1011-12
    • Decoy Skin - 2XL
    • Decoy Skin - Grim Tech 19
    • Decoy Skin - ZR-55
    • Decoy Skin - 7-06
    • Decoy Skin - PDW-Z
    • Decoy Skin - CS-12
    • Decoy Skin - XDB-12
    • Decoy Skin - DJL-33
    • Decoy Skin - AR-W
    • Decoy Skin - QR-4
    • Decoy Skin - GOSL-R
    • Decoy Skin - G-ROW
    • Decoy Skin - 7EN
    • Decoy Skin - SAWZ-50
    • Decoy Skin - ABR-Z
    • Decoy Skin - RP-103
    • Decoy Skin - S-RED
    • Decoy Skin - D34-D
    • Decoy Skin - Hammer Head
    • Ruin Skin - 1011-12
    • Ruin Skin - 2XL
    • Ruin Skin - Grim Tech 19
    • Ruin Skin - ZR-55
    • Ruin Skin - 7-06
    • Ruin Skin - PDW-Z
    • Ruin Skin - CS-12
    • Ruin Skin - XDB-12
    • Ruin Skin - DJL-33
    • Ruin Skin - AR-W
    • Ruin Skin - QR-4
    • Ruin Skin - GOSL-R
    • Ruin Skin - G-ROW
    • Ruin Skin - 7EN
    • Ruin Skin - SAWZ-50
    • Ruin Skin - ABR-Z
    • Ruin Skin - RP-103
    • RuinSkin - S-RED
    • Ruin Skin - D34-D
    • Ruin Skin - Hammer Head
    • Harm Skin - 1011-12
    • Harm Skin - 2XL
    • Harm Skin - Grim Tech 19
    • Harm Skin - ZR-55
    • Harm Skin - 7-06
    • Harm Skin - PDW-Z
    • Harm Skin - CS-12
    • Harm Skin - XDB-12
    • Harm Skin - DJL-33
    • Harm Skin - AR-W
    • Harm Skin - QR-4
    • Harm Skin - GOSL-R
    • Harm Skin - G-ROW
    • Harm Skin - 7EN
    • Harm Skin - SAWZ-50
    • Harm Skin - ABR-Z
    • Harm Skin - RP-103
    • Harm Skin - S-RED
    • Harm Skin - D34-D
    • Harm Skin - Hammer Head

Fuck yes

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So you gave everyone access to the Alpha Predator but no maps or fireteam content besides some skins :S? Jesus christ the predator matchmaking times gonna be HUGE!


thank you Illfonic. I hope we get the new map and game mode this month with the paid dlc so everyone wil be happy.


but theres no new maps or any game modes… this is very worrying news…


We shouldn’t have to pay for maps


It’s almost all cosmetics. Almost zero attention paid to functionality (or lack thereof) of the game. WHAT?!?!


They said maps and New modes are on their way


Thats gonna be a 20 minutes ques again! 😄

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Im very scared to hear this. hopefully this isnt all there doing for the month… this game NEEDS something to keep the game play Fresh and altho new Predators and New Fireteam memebers is nice its still VERY Scary to hear the Lack of attention to the Importent issues with the game…

with all Due Respect.

What the fuck are you guys doing with your time illfonic?


and auto-claim/auto interact or no-possible-claim bug fixes or hotfix? Kinda auto harakiri if happens at wrong time. Would be very appreciated by pred players :)


Want some candy???


City predator coming!!!


Any word if the auto claim bug is being worked on? Thanks illfonic look forward to the dlc and the new maps and modes you guys will be dropping! And the alpha can’t wait to hunt with him! These are great additions and adding more customization options will make the fireteam more appealing! Look forward to more!


I agree but it doesn’t necessarily mean we will. They do release other things on top of they DLC, Granted usually bug fixes and minor game play changes, but still.

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Any clue when bug fixes are coming @Courier preferably fps optimizations… also remove lvl cap

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guys, new pred skins is good, but not instead of real game improvements! Focus on necessary things


More skins? Urgh…
Please look at your Feedback section.

This is not what the players want.


Where are the damn maps? You expects us to keep repeating the same things? The entire list is irrelevant to me with no new REAL content to play.


Damn I was really hoping for the darn long claim glitch to be fixed. How embedded in the code is that PoS bug that it’s causing so many problems.

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