Patch Notes 2.03

please fix the bug where if the predator enters a room and a fire team member stands at every door the predator cant get out. even if they are down the predator cantt exit the room and so the firte team just kills the predator really quickly. this has become apparent to a lot of players so basically 2 fire team members stand at the doors doing melle and the other 2 use weapons. the predator cant exit the room even if he downs a fireteam member that’s blocking a door because while they are down their body is still blocking the door. it really takes the fun out of them game to have a bug like these. I could understand maybe not been able to ge through a door if the fire team member is still up and standing there but even if they are down is ridiculous. this has caused games to be boring. the fire team will hunker down inside a room and just wait till the predator comes in and if the predator doesn’t time runs out and they win anyway.

Slam the rooftop and don’t run in. Pick at them with plasma and arrows.

this is not a bug, it is just bodyblock. Maybe when you’re on the ground if I should let you pass but … a guy who stands in a doorway is a bodyblock, a lifetime. It is for you to better choose if it is worth entering or not

A human with 80-100KG could never block a Alien with 250-300 KG

A Predator would simply run over a Human

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Maybe but this is a game … and it needs certain rules … let’s not forget also that it is science fiction and trying to upset “real” rules would do something else. it is also something that is implemented in all games. bodies today are solid figures

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@IllFonic hey I know you guys are probably very busy getting things set up for this new map and mode coming out, but my only concern is theres still issues blue screening and freezing in mid game I actual go through this once or twice a day, despite already deleting the data and restarting the game. Is there anyway we can get this resolved I love the game I’ve been a huge supporter since Friday The 13th The Game, but if this is not fixed soon I’m afriad for the future of the game, especially since next gen consoles are but a few months a way and I can’t even play the game properly





Actually it’s 10 days…

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Noooooooooooo!!! Nooooo!!!
Throws self off nearest building

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While I’m here I’ve got to ask, why does the knife do SO much damage? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The game shouldn’t be balanced on a 1v1 experience IMO


And why does an AI Sniper do 76 damage per shot…by that I mean, why is Predator damage so damn low compared to AI🤣


Anyone experienced this? … Video is captured maybe 20 mins ago…

Yeah pro pred players lol
Even they get shredded when u cunts all equip sniper rifles and the match will be over within 2 to 3 min
Its not the fire team or predator whos at fault the guns are broken
Either make the snipers more reactable like in call of duty or battlefield where the scope glows when u take a shot else nerf the damage on it
and fucking Yaujata bane is insanely op with sniper damage

If u think predator is so weak i think u are playing the wrong class
try playing scout with adrenaline boost and downrange
U will see how easy it is to win
Although scouts health is garbage but his mobility and range damge is super high
Try it out once and im sure u will be asking for nerf scout

I think if they use suppressor then it should decrease the damage to 50% since the lack of noise from the shot makes it harder to spot a posted sniper. But if you don’t use suppressors then full damage is ok because the loud sound from the shot gives away the shooter’s location…my opinion.

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It’s a shame that the original movie didn’t have a forum for the OG predator to log into and try and get Dutch nerfed …

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Any insight to this month’s DLC?

Nothing yet, but Im thinking it will be Mr.Black from the datamines.

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What if there is no paid dlc…

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