Patch Notes 2.03


Patch Notes 2.03

This patch addresses several connectivity issues and crashes that were introduced in our last patch. Also minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed main menu crash caused by specific saved loadouts.
  • An intermittent issue where connecting to a lobby would cause an infinite loading screen has been fixed.
  • An issue where some shaders were not updating correctly has been addressed.
  • Several crashes have been addressed.
  • Several CrossPlay issues have been addressed.


  • General
    • An issue has been discovered where Class Attributes were not being applied correctly to all Fireteam classes has been fixed.
  • Weapons
    • An issue where some weapon attachments were not unlocking for the correct player level has been fixed.

Nice work boys and gals thank you so much! I’ll go giver a shot


Thank you all so much


Thank you for continuing to support this title.

This will be the Predator game we all will play and enjoy for a long time.

Here’s to hoping :)


Thank you ! Does this fix the Dutch 87 issues as well were the supposed class perks aren’t working ?

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Thanks, and thanks for a real plasma pistol much less of a spammable weapon while it still packs a punch its animation is like the 2xl got some kick

This should address that, as well as the perks of other Fireteam classes as well.


@Courier thanks broski for the fixes can’t wait for the new update later this month. Stay cool & please test your stuff before releasing last thing we need is another Bethesda :D


Your goobers are safe. For now

You goddamn son of a bitch, I love you



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On that note, do Predator Passives now work as well?

Oh thank you so much :3

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It reassures me to know that this was addressed quickly by the team, for once I have to say that a good job …lets see how it works … and it also reassures me to know that I was not going crazy and that there was a load infinite


Thanks guys!

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Very nice, quick shadow drop.
Keep up the good work, give the troubleshooting team my thanks!

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Please use your elite metrics to guage the game off casuals…troll post

Appreciate this illfonic team!

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I haven’t been online. Did this drop at 6 in the evening? I was wondering why there wasn’t a patch earlier today.

Unable to play as either predator or fireteam now, both are crashing. I do not want to have to delete my loadouts but that stopped the crashing before the patch. I was hoping to play but unfortunately can’t.