Patch Notes 2.03

Most likely yes

Good job! I’m glad all crashes are fixed and hope you will change Predators cloak as well. Again, good job

Thanks much! I’m going to download update and start playing! 🤙

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@OldKingHamlet Thank you guys for the quick work on fixing the new bugs, it’s much appreciated. But can I ask? Is it intentional that the Mercenary can only be upgraded with a silencer? Even after the patch it’s the only thing I can change and I leveled it up to Level 10. There’s no scope or extended clip.

Thanks again! Been playing since day one and still never get bored! Awesome support illfonic 👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥

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Thanks guys! Great news to hear. I can play once again. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for more quality of life, bug fixes, and new content in the future. Too many negative Nancy’s ha. Let the hunt continue.

Still having connection issues after the patch. My ft member is literally frozen still

I just see Fireteam in the fix notes. Is there the lvl fix for CityHunters Combistick lock?

–I just checked. It does!

I like the way you talk stranger.

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Thank you I haven’t got on yet updating now but I will for sure play like hell image


I’m updating now. Hopefully all is well, as the fix that @Omega provided worked and after doing it I haven’t had a crash in 4 days. I’ll edit this post after the update.
And thank you for addressing the issues. 🍺🍺

Love the continued attention to this title

Thanks a lot illfonic . The game is getting better and growing ;D

I’ll give it a try again…

A lot of bugs…i didnt know about any of this lol. GUYS### tell me,who is happy with that different colors marks? some of them is hard to see on small screen :(. Orange was better. When is blue.mostly i cant see med kit on the map when i need it. Or make “bigger version” of the map even bigger :D

In the PHG Facebook group, people are reporting they are still crashing. Just an FYI @OldKingHamlet

Can we address the fact that this 2.0 and up just created a new gap in the game? The predator players didn’t stand a chance against pre-made teams prior to these patches, now the traps are useless, you can still see them just fine and hear them, the bow is basically the same because headshots are more of a random chance hit anyways but you could give us 10 traps and the ft would shoot all of them without stepping in one.

I’m all for the fireteam being able to win but can we please try to be a little more realistic? Traps should not be visible or audible if they are destructible, predator ranged weapons should not give away the predators position with glowing shots, the war club and combistick should not have a blinding effect, the casters fully charged shot should have a blinding effect. Net gun should be a gear piece not a weapon, the predator shouldn’t be clicking within a certain distance of the fireteam. Stomp should remove blinding effect in exchange for stun lock removal.


Useless patch. Still freezes… Still crashes.

I mean if you shove bullets from a powerful gun into it it’s going to break.

I hope they don’t change it, it’s fine being how it really was heck the silencer can go too, if 1 AI fires a silencer is a waste anyway a 30 round clip only 10 shy of the extended mag on hammerhead I’d like one that stays looking like it did in the movie and the iron sight is as good as any m1 garand