Patch Notes 2.05

Gauntles is hopefully not gonna be COD ripoff 2 electric boogaloo which from the looks of it. It sounds like a battle royale which if it is then Illfonic needs & should wake the fuck up.

Okay they probably wanted to release PVP mode to see how we react XD… and they got their reaction that this game is a predator game and not team deathmatch like or anything similar… either way but i agree in future i think its good to have more modes :D

But first the ones that actually describe the game XD

@Thescoutpredmain Caveman Pred got buffs, and so did your disc. Read the notes my dude, cloak is nearly invisible too…come back!! Come back!!


Exactly I hate COD multiplayer

I can’t believe that they wasted resources on this terrible team deathmatch mode. Who the hell asked for this?!

When i initially heard people talking about a new mode with more FT players. I thought that it would be something alongside 4 (FT) vs. 4 (FT) while still running varied mission objectives plus a Predator or two thrown into the mix but all on separate teams. Nope. Just a lazy team death match mode with Predator power up like one of those shitty mutators you would see in an ancient shooter like Unreal Tournament that you could toggle off.

Yeah. That’s what i want out of this game all these months later. They could have made two “new” jungle maps instead of one. What a sad joke.

Yeah. This game’s done. The only thing you have accomplished with this new mode is make the Pred queues longer. That’s been your primary goal since day one. Making playing as Predator as unappealing as possible.

You don’t deserve this IP and i hope your contract expires soon.

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Man it would be cool if you could choose first or third person view

And a quick 180° turn for FT

No. And no quick turn around for ft.

Anyone else notice the servers on derailed take a hell of a beating now… I’m taking two people launching pretty much all their grenades then dumping many clips before they finally blow up

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Been awhile since I’ve seen you post and honestly bro i understand where your coming from. I think the game mode is just something people will do when bored i personally enjoy hunt more then clash and didn’t ask for clash but…just wish they’d listen to feedback more good feedback

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What is it for PS4 users? I still can’t accept or pass it on…all I can do is cry as the timer ticks away. I’ve tried pressing everything but nothing works

Put your controls to default in settings, it should reset the keybinds and then let u pick



Sorry but do not agree with the game mode, it’s a waste of time.

It should be 4v4v1. Whoever kills predator becomes predator. Screw this 15 minute game stuff. You could still have a capture the flag elements, but more of an emphasis about predator.

This is a predator game. Who is ultimately making these decisions, is this company collectively deciding on how it should move forward? It doesn’t appear that they are intending to work on its longevity.


Sorry, I was busy taking in sunsets in the Mojave. Ahem… I’ve never played any c.o.d. beyond the first modern warfare. I didn’t care for it. Therefore, I won’t be going back to it and I will never shut up… nah nah na-nah naaaaah!


Cloak is honestly fine but the textures off it make it hard to see for some people i guess?

Anyhow, @IllFonic i think making textures look more visible when up close and stuff it should look like this…


Legs/arms = 45% dmg to preds health
torso = 75%
head = 100%

with the dmg reduction by environment which should be passive perk by predator aka the map… and his surroundings…

It will go like this with the 30% reduction

legs/arms = 15%
torso = 40%
head = 65%




without necessarily nerfing predators cloak render distance.

Why aim assist so it can always target the head of the predator like an aimbot??

Nah, people mistake how aim assist works,

Aim assist is not the same as AIM BOT…

Aim assist is there to help u kinda when u press aim it will get close to the target but not target head… maybe like his legs… hence why i also suggested this “body damage locations” which would balance out AIM ASSIST :)

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Oh ok
If thats case i guess its really helpful for people who play on consoles
Implement it on predator too for landing bow shots lol
Coz even with manual aiming the arrow always goes through the fire team

So I’m sitting here playing Friday the 13th when I get an ingenious idea

Friday the 13th pop up restaurant with a two for one jason burger special… Also available in meat flavored bean patties

‘…They deserve to dine Jason… Make them supper…’

Who wants to invest? lol