Patch Notes 2.06 (Hotfix)

Hopefully, no more invisible fireteam players?

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So you think that you fixed branches/foliage issue? i dont think so 5:55-6:05

Not DLC snif

@Courier @OldKingHamlet On my Samurai class the Shatter Tsunami skin is not available. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Oh, so thats the reason I was kicked in the face by the game…

Yeah I get that shit sucks 😭

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My friends and I had this happen to us as well last night.

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So still no fix for the Predator hitting me through a wall with his melee weapons? Lovely just lovely.


@OldKingHamlet @Courier

Good work guys. This is a solid hotfix and will significantly increase the enjoyment of the fresh new experience clash provides.

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@Courier Yes, had that happen as well.

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I believe clash either needs to be most points wins after 15 mins or score needs to be updated to 1200. 600 is achievable in 5 mins and in private by 8 mins. I feel 1200 will make this game mode more enjoyable and will help with the rage quit situation. But if 1200 is implemented a mercy rule needs to be implemented if you have 700 points and the other team has less than 300 than a mercy should be put into effect


That’s what I’m talking about!!

@obe4477 and @Courier it’s bad enough the AI swarms you like crazy now, and the Preds were always OP, but to allow them to damage FT through walls is just over the top.

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Damn. Just blue screened. Just as a clash match was about to start.

Thanks for the hot fix. Bow, hit box, and aiming not working at times need next please.

They finally fixed the full head covers!!! 😃

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We waiting for Aliens dude and AVP MODE

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It would be so cool if we could add modes for Pred vs Pred, Pred vs xenos, FT vs xenos and of course FT vs xenos vs Preds


Please fix auto wristblades when using the bow.


Also when is the 3 vs 12 fireteam dropping?