Patch Notes 2.11

Increased armor of the Predators??
Reduced energy cost of fully charged Plasma Caster shots??
Here we go again… Noob Predators gonna have a good time again… This buffs gonna turn them into winners without skills. All they need is to jump on a tree and shoot.
And where is the fix for this stupid AI??
Where is the fix for the damage through walls with melee weapons??
How about instead of buffing Predator resistance, giving it more weapons and traps? It should be a hunter with a variety of hunting tools, not the damn Hulk!

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And if he does come swinging I can blow both of us up with the rocket launcher. Rofl

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No duh I have I’m maxed out and took a break this update made me try all kinds of stuff and go pearl harbor kamikaze on the predator. Lol screw Zeus’s hes loose anyway. I’m going to blow up some predator.

Illfonic, Thanks for the update!
Im one of those who at least understand the work you guys are putting in the game by balancing both predator and Fire team content💯
there are many who appreciate this released DLC and update, so thanks again and will be looking forward to future updates and content. 👍


You guys keep up the work don’t let the negative people keep you down I can’t wait for the new dlc patch in FEB. I feel like it’s gonna be worth the wait hopefully some new predator toys 😆

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I don’t understand. @IllFonic just continues to suck the life out of this game and pred fans. I think Shane Black must work there.


We were legit at the point where I didn’t think this game could get worse. Then Illfonic asked me to hold their beer.


I was hoping for more map variety at least. This is yet another pointless update. And now we have to wait til feb n hope that update is good.ugh

Lol, all the previous version bugs regarding predator still exists.
They dont give a shit about community and bug reports.

Like I said…
More than 4k damage to the Predator. He only had to heal up 1 time. And not the Berserker or the Viking.
Now they don’t even have to look for piggies. Their medkit is more than enough…

NEW chracter, EMP mine…and more. :-* THX !!!,Last few days i have BUG, my chat weel sometimes is reset on new match and i cant use it :( (i need to change it in option again durring the game and thats not safe)

You realized that just now?

As a new update is always welcome, some hate it, some are okay with it, at least things are attempting to be balanced. You guys should just make monthly surveys and ask what us the community want in the future instead of just guessing since I’m pretty sure we didn’t want a new character in fireteam or a rocket launcher since its called “Predator” Hunting grounds. If you plan to bring a new fireteam member in, bring a new predator in, there are skins we’ve been waiting on since September like 2010 Berserker, Wolf, Scarface ex. I understand that this game and team have had a big struggle with Covid, but if this game really wants to succeed, community feedback and communication are key so skipping a couple months of communication hurts, and if soon allot isn’t taken seriously from community’s, it could be another Anthem situation.


Recommend Neca’s stuff if you haven’t checked them out.

It’s a fun surprise, like the Viking.

I am going back to SWBF2 for a while so I can live in denial of this update. Their killing the game better than I killed Kit Fisto, Eeth Koth, Saesee Tin, and Mace Windu.
I bet the February update will also be shit because their taking the rest of this month off most likely. Only pain awaits for Predator players now. No specialization for pred, nothing aside from some slight changes? I predict this game will die soon, or become R6/COD soon with the amount of FT content and no love for pred. IllFonic getting the Pred license was a mistake, or at least how they are handling it is. It’s been nice knowing you all, but this game is going to die very soon without pred content.


Lowest wait times for pred ever they might have killed it.

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I think that they are actively trying to kill the playerbase.

Congratulations you officially made your game unplayable for predator players. Had a mach with 4 all playing support with rocket launchers and when i did get one away long enough to do some damage couldn’t nock him five, five swings from a katana would not go down I loved this game but now it’s just a sad husk of its self just another C.O.D shoot-me-up no fun to be had boring game.

I know I just had to heal twice before a few mins were up somehow i won but we going to keep testing, AI took out 2 of them for me lol