Patch Notes 2.11

Patch Notes 2.11


Paid DLC

New playable Fireteam character - Dante “Beast Mode” Jefferson
Early Access to new Fireteam weapon - B34S-T Rocket Launcher

Free Update

[FREE] Predator’s Battle Axe is now available at Level 85
[FREE] OWLF Operative is a new playable Fireteam character available at Level 40
[FREE] Plasma Rifle Prototype is a new unlockable Fireteam weapon available at Level 135
[FREE] PDL (Proximity Detector Launcher) is a new unlockable Fireteam weapon available at Level 43
[FREE] EMP Mine is a new unlockable Fireteam gear item available at Level 80


  • Fixed an issue where CrossPlay Linked Accounts that were searching for coming out of a Quickplay match would sometimes become stuck in the “Connecting” state
  • Fixed an issue where match can become desynced when host pauses during cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes have their full head covering display incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when using the Field Syrette and another item in a specific way


  • Fixed an issue where the Predator selection countdown would sometimes display an incorrect timer


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the Fireteam weapons and perks may sometimes reset after round cycling
    • Fixed an issue where the minimap icons would sometimes appear to be inconsistent between teammates
    • Fixed an issue where firing an impact grenade from the Hammerhead would cause the ammo functionality to change when playing as the support class
  • Gear
    • Grenade
      • Fixed an issue where the grenade projectile would not deal direct damage
      • Fixed an issue where the animation would not play correctly when throwing a grenade while crouched
  • Weapons
    • General
      • Significantly increased max range of all shotguns
    • CS-12
      • Increased damage of close ranged shots
      • Increased ammo pickups
      • Significantly increased max ammo
    • XDB-12
      • Reduced damage
    • Hammerhead
      • Reduced magazine size for grenade launcher attachment
    • Mercenary (‘87)
      • Reduced magazine size for grenade launcher attachment
    • Grimtech 19
      • Increased damage
      • Increased ammo pickups
    • 1011-12
      • Increased ammo pickups
    • D34-D
      • Increased damage
      • Reduced splash damage range
      • Reduced ammo pickups


  • General
    • Increased armor of all Predators
    • Fixed an issue where the “Want some candy?” VO could be heard from anywhere on the map
    • Fixed an issue where the dead boar icons were smaller than intended on the minimap
    • Fixed an issue where the Predator was not holding weapons correctly in the loadout screen
  • Perks
    • [NEW] Ironside (Level 80)
      • Take reduced damage from behind while moving, healing, claiming, or performing a stealth kill
    • Dithered Lens
      • Increased cost from 2 to 5
    • Modified Reserves
      • Significantly increased energy regeneration gained from Modified Reserves
    • Impenetrable Resistance
      • Significantly increased the amount of damage resistance gained from Impenetrable Resistance
      • Increased cost from 5 to 6
  • Gear
    • Audio Decoy
      • Added Predator healing sounds
      • Added Predator eating sounds
      • Removed Predator pouncing sounds
  • Weapons
    • Plasma Caster
      • Reduced energy cost of fully charged Plasma Caster shots

The fuck were guys thinking making this, this is what we waited for?!




ZzZZzZZZZZZzzzz guess i wont be coming back.


I’m really loving the new content additions, the new Dante operator AND OWLF operative class looks amazing and I’m super excited to play with them. The balance changes I mostly can agree with, especially the increase of Predator armor. However there is only one complaint I have with this update; and that’s no addressing of how powerful parry currently is. Overall I love this update though, Thanks Illfonic!


I got no words for this update… and I mean it in a bad negative way… just a disgrace… 2 and half months for this… again with fireteam content lmfao…


what the hell xD


Wasn’t an RPG a literal joke of this community… people literally joked about it being added and not really wanted it ???

Tell me who is responsible for letting these changes go trough?


And who is still protecting them?)
What next? No updates until holiday ends? What should ppl do all this time

Dead game(


I’ve been making this joke for the longest and they actually made it a thing wtf.

Also why would they nerf dithered lens? They want to encourage range play but give absolutely nothing for it and nerf one of the best perks for ranged play.


Fireteam gets a shit ton of new toys and balancing between weapons. Pred gets a perk that reduces damage from one direction, buffs to impenetrable and base damage resistance and a Goodluck huh?

Sounds about right


They literally added shit that people suggested most stuff for PREDATOR to have… but no they made it for FIRETEAM instead…


@Arrow_calis You wanna test the damage reduction buff on predator with me or nah? im on rn for a bit


Why give the FT mines at all? The preds are supposed to be the ones hunting the FT and leaving traps for them. This makes zero fucking sense at all.


I was really hoping for both FT content and Pred content since we had to wait an extra month but this…this is kinda disappointing. The content sounds fun but I don’t think it’ll be enough to keep us occupied till February.


Okay but for real though dawg…

Let’s be real with each other for a second here…

Predator cloak got reverted back him being seen from across the map and shit…
Predator cloak still having a very bad texture quality to its visibility for fireteam… making him easier pray.
Fireteam still being faster than usain bolt by 2x times as fast as him lmao… even in water.

My actual heart hurts from you guys increasing perk points to certain perks i use and now i can’t use the mudded fireteam footprints perk with height adv & impenetrable !!!

Oh and @Courier I hope you guys have like a SECOND PART of the patch coming either next day or next week cause this is just not gonna cut it chief ;P


As if melting preds wasn’t easy enough before, this update will seriously fuck over so many new and inexperienced preds.


Wait what?!?!?!


Mate there goes your stealth gameplay to shit XD… now its probably going to go back to ZERK melee META with melee rush and single whipe… and here we go riding the roller coaster again WOOOOOO


Where does it say the cloak has been changed?