Patch Notes 2.12 (Hotfix)

But that was a bug, I’ve witnessed it in action.

Look at the bottom of the screen in the main menu, should show what patch the game is set to. Epic Games won’t let you play the game without updating it first anyways, if you’re on PC.

Yes j’espère ça sera des bons rectifications et que je pourrais recharger mes flèches avec l’arc yautja j’espère vraiment ce problème est résolue

For the first time in a long time I must say that I’m impressed. Good job illfonic


Thank you for the Bugfixes!!!

Thank you @IllFonic

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Can’t wait to try this out. Sounds good on paper though.

Fixed issue where there is a time limit of 15 minutes?? Would of been sweet.

Charge weapons while sprinting…what is this?

Sprinting while bowing/or charging would change the game forever imho. But to be serious, one could never do that nor has there been any video or post made to assume such a move existed.

Lets also be clear, although this isn’t in the bug list, that you CAN NOT jump in midair like in assassins creed and flank FT with the bow. Its just not there. Something tells me a bug list with it is coming and they will be removing it.

Like all these mystery bugs that 1/30 people encounter.

You shitting me this was a bug someone reported?and when did they report it?

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Fun-tastic. tested and 80% time of the match predator cannot run and eat just killed boars. No overload and full stamina hunter… gues have to wait another 2 months…

I’ve said it too

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A lot of bugs fixed…
Let’s see how many new ones were created.
Also, still no ping fix.

Shadow bugs

Still, i really appreciate the effort. This was long overdue

So now you are finally able to aim down while sprinting! YuFUCKINGpe…

Is it just me, or AI now deals a bit less damage?
And they don’t surprise spawn anymore?
Need a few more matches to be sure…

Yeh something we didn’t need and is not particularly realistic but oh well.

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It would happen randomly so not really useful, it would mess up bow shot it was more of a liability.

Thanks illfonic

Wow they actually fixed bugs that should of been dealt with months ago.

No most people hated that shit where the predator could hit you through walls. It’s a wall for a reason…

But it was so helpful. Dam man