Patch Notes 2.16 (Hotfix)

Patch Notes 2.16 (Hotfix)

2.16 Twitter.50


  • Various crash fixes
  • Changes made to Field Lockers during Patch 2.14 and Patch 2.16
    • Increased chance of higher rarity drops in Field Lockers
    • Less chance of duplicates at higher rarities in Field Lockers
    • Reduced amount of Veritanium gained when obtaining a duplicate from Field Lockers to offset the increased higher rarity drops
  • Increased amount of Weekly Challenges from 1 to 2
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Loadouts would sometimes become inaccessible

Custom Private Matches

  • Hardcore Hunt - Nameplates are now only visible up to 50 meters away (instead of always visible)
  • Fixed an issue where the Bottomless Magazine option caused the Predator Plasma Caster to become unusable
  • Unsaved modifiers are no longer reset after completing a match
  • Setting the Match Duration modifier to “0” now properly causes the match to have no time limit instead of ending the match immediately
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Private Matches was inaccessible after backing out of any Custom Private Matches categories while using a controller
  • Fixed an issue where setting the Gear Amount Multiplier modifier to “0” would cause players the have a negative amount of Gear equipped
  • Fixed an issue where the Gear Amount Multiplier modifier was not affecting the Field Syrette


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where certain types of grenades were not properly cooking
    • Fixed an issue where changing the Body Type would also reset your specialization
    • Fixed an issue where only the reloading SFX would play when using the noisemaker with the Mercenary ‘87 equipped
  • Weapons
    • B34S-T Rocket Launcher
      • Added new skins for the B34S-T
        • TECH
        • HEAT
        • B34ST


  • General
    • Entering Predkour will now cause the player to automatically swap to their primary ranged weapon
    • Alpha and Elder Predator Hair is now equippable with Body Type 2




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Nice job guys

Nice job guys, @MassImpact124 you were one day too early no cookie for you.

This has been asked for a long time now, thank you for putting in the time to fix this issue as minor as it is it’s still welcome.



I hope it was worth it. I know you guys gotta pay a pretty penny to put out an update on the PS store


What? Lady pred can’t have braids 🤣🤣🤣
May look interesting on Valkyrie


I blame the degenerate, porn-adduled simps around here for this nonsense.

“Ma Pred mus hav titties!” rubs-thighs


James Cameron is waiting for that dude who was crying about JH and City Hunter not having female variants. He will undoubtedly be on here soon to complain that valkyrie can’t be male. Unless of course they were only looking for attention or something. But that’s unthinkable.


Cool update I suppose but somebody needs admit they buffed the predator too much because people whined about the predator being too weak? It takes way to much to down a predator when he is already on his knees defeated. Please fix that nonsense your game is more broken then ever.

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I’m waiting for the ‘Body 2’ variant of Dutch and Dante.


Bug fixes always good! Tbh, haven’t played a match since a few days after Valkyrie released. It seems like I always end up playing this game in small phases.

grat. Still, randomly, can’t run after shooting a bow.

Imagine being upset about body type two gets to have some more dreds, lol.

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The females arent even that sexualized in the game, calm yo own titties.


DM me a video and details, and I’ll pass along to QA.


In these crazy times James Cameron wouldn’t be surprised.


So still no fix for the always invisible Predator?