Patch Notes 2.16 (Hotfix)

They don’t see the problem.


I wish I could heart this twice

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Honestly, I’ll heart that too.

That said, we have to reliably replicate the problem, and using the steps we’ve received from some people, it’s been a challenge to trigger properly. If people have solid replication steps, please DM me and I’ll literally get them to QA immediately for review.


Hey man, do pending updates mess with lobbies? Couldn’t get a lobby to save my life. Updates are moving in the right direction though. Compliments to the team. I would pass on a suggestion regarding FT loadouts: we need to address the damage buff and reduction stacking. They’re bonkers.

Female elders will be a thing, and they are in the lore as they rank higher than elders.

6x scope on the pitbull has the same effect as iron sights making it the worst when it should be the best

@OldKingHamlet Please bann durbs2001 Please and fire for insultes !

***Mod Note: Removed screenshot.

The predator is meant to be overpowered, he’s a alien with deadly tech for god’s sake

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Alpha and elder type 2, photo? I have not got

Everyone check your predlocks. This update apparently changed the lock ornament colors.
Specifically Young Blood default lock rings went from bronze to default grey. Orange lock rings went from rust red to default grey etc


I call bullshit on this because I lost a match in the wild a week ago (first in months) and it only took one guy to take off my mask, and disarm the bomb with time to spare. I’ve also done this to several predators out in the wild as well many of them berserkers so I fail to see how it makes the game broken. If you’re that uncomfortable with it do what apparently everyone else does and run away or do it yourself as others still do, either way the pred lost.

Are these changes as of today? Or just reiterating the changes made before?

Also able to share if we’ll get a full patch this month or if we’re waiting for April? The PSBlog said the hammer would be available by April so it’s a little unclear @OldKingHamlet


Thanks for constant updates.

Any chance the interact bug when using no hud can be fixed? Or was it fixed? I cant use health kits or do missions with no hud setting in the video options. Great feature for PHG thank you mucho!!!

Calm ‘yo’ titties yoself - it was a joke at the expense of the people here who obviously do derive some sexual kick at having a curvy Pred with tits (and they do exist because there’s a thread full of ‘Pred porn’ buried in General Discussion somewhere).

STFU laser using cheater


There you go guy

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The field locker stuff is iterating on changes made in the last few patches. Nothing specifically new in this hotfix for that.

There is no March patch planned currently. We have been putting a lot of effort into the next major patch, and I think it will show.


Thank you very much for clarifying. Looking forward to seeing what all the hard work brings

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Yes!!! I finally got my dreads!!!