Patch Notes 2.16 (Hotfix)

Better than nothing.

Yep. Tried it on the pro too. It’s decent.

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Ohhh yeah man! Frame Rate Cap off. Looks like a pc setup that plays most games but cant really up the graphics

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Tried it on ps4 pro but the frames still dip low making it even more jarring so I turned it back on


@OldKingHamlet @IllFonic @Courier

This update screwed up the colour of City Hunter’s default predlocks. They are now grey coloured. :(

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I just have a regular ps4. Guess it’s still shitty frame rates for me 🤷‍♀️

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Pity. It’s like a new game on ps5.

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It’s actually a lot better than I thought on PS4 pro, a bit jarring but better.


Made me instantly want to increase controller sensitivity.

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Yeah I felt that need too however I was dead tired yesterday and completely forgot lol


You reduced getting Veritanium in two ways,but…what to do with this, you probably wont tell me. LMAO


THANK YOU!!! specialy for inaccessible Custom Loadouts. Also can be possible to cancel applying syringe? I have new keyboard and sometimes i use all of them with 99% heal :D. I believe more FT players will find this usefull

How do you do that on ps5 please?

Go to in game video settings and turn off frame rate cap

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Yep. As BadBlood said.

Once loaded into a game? Does it stay changed?

Thanks people


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