Patch Notes 2.19

so you made Valkyrie unplayable with lower health and less perks, still havent lowered the shoulder cannon damage which means everybody now they just going to play from distance. preds should have more health and not able to shoot the shoulder cannon when uncloaked unlimited times. or if so dont give him tree protection, we have to shoot the whole tree to cut the branches to finally get a hit, and then it just jumps to another…

You got me curious. What’s that build? Looking for a reason to use elder

Please tell me there is an actual DLC still coming @OldKingHamlet

$20 for early access to 3 masks? Really?

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Arent you ever happy man 😁

Fantastic update @IllFonic ! Thank you for delivering all the cool additions. Is there a way for ppl that already have the game to some how buy the early access masks and skins? I don’t want to wait a month :-(

Mr Black masks is awsome! But will we get the rest of him? ;-) Part that I’m mostly interested in are the dogs XDDDDDD


He has a specialization that raises revive time.

I already own all the previously released Predators, the Predator DLC Bundle isn’t a good option for players like me, will we have access to New Masks & Warpaints?

This is the paid DLC this pulse, and the masks will be available for people to earn. But, to quote the blog

"As we successfully hit the one-year mark, it doesn’t mean we are done. We have a lot left to bring you. Maybe we will release new Predators, characters, maps, and more. Who knows?! I guess you’ll just have to keep looking at our socials, forums, and here to find out more. "

There’s a good bit of good stuff coming.


Speaking of - who do I have to pay to get those early access masks and skins?

Not that I’m aware of, unfortunately. But, it will be free, and the month will blow by, so as much as I like money, I’d save towards what we have coming down the pipe :p


So we have to buy the new paid DLC for the masks or can we earn them from the lockers?

Never mind that answered my question lol

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Which isn’t till June now? 😦😟😥
Can ya at least not wait till the end of June?

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Emphasis on maps

Has something been changed to prevent macros?
I can’t use my Discord hotkeys anymore while being in game.
Now I tried to test it further by using some other programs like OBS and an auto-clicker, same “Issue” there.
If yes, this is very good news, though it might be a little annoying for discord users.


I can’t share dated unless they are announced, but I’d like to acknowledge we know how popular these masks are.


So when does this predator year one bundle come out? Ll

Yes…very popular. Know what else is popular? That cool melon shader that was shown on Twitter. We got that right? 😁

Looking forward to the next update and thanks for the specializations. I’ll see what they can do.