Patch Notes 2.23

Patch 2.23


Free Update

  • Four new obtainable Predator trophies
    • Broken Ancient Sword
    • Indonesian Kris Dagger
    • Gold Medal
    • Unidentified Alien Skull
  • Platinum (Level 100) and Golden (Level 150) Shaders now unlockable for the Elder and Alpha Predator
  • City Hunter Rebreather Mask now unlockable (was previously early access)


  • Fixed several exploit locations on the Headquarters map
  • Fixed an issue with one of the intro cinematics on the Headquarters map
  • Fixed an issue where certain O.W.L.F. tapes were unable to be played in certain languages


  • General
    • Isabelle’s downed limit increased to 3 (from 2)
    • Fixed an issue with Isabelle’s VO while falling
    • Isabelle’s head is now the proper size when playing in Big Head Mode
    • Isabelle’s stats are now displayed properly in the customization menu
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect subtitles were being displayed for Isabelle
    • Fixed an issue where Last Man Standing would not trigger if the other Fireteam members are kicked from being idled
  • Weapons
    • NRV-E
      • Fixed an issue where the NRV-E sniper rifle had shaders that were incorrectly locked
    • Plasma Rifle Prototype
      • Fixed an issue where several shader’s for the Plasma Rifle Prototype were missing


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the Viking and Valkyrie Predator exclusive armor and skin tints were not being granted properly
    • Fixed an issue where the City Hunter Predator was not properly playing certain audio
    • Fixed an issue where the Predlocks would behave incorrectly when turning the Frame Cap option off
  • Weapons
    • Combistick
      • Fixed an issue where the Combistick could sometimes become permanently stuck in a tree
    • Katana
      • Fixed an issue where a Predator could stack damage with the Katana by alternating between attack types
    • Smart Disc
      • Fixed an issue where the Smart Disc would sometimes cause the Predator player to lose input



Don’t tell me that she still has only 130 HP, cause this

ain’t gonna help anyone.


I’m curious about this alien skull 💀


NOOOO why would you guys get rid of her screaming?
That was pretty much the only entertainment to get on ft.


A sad day.


When everyone says something about it I think that will just about do it

RIP Katana, now sickle and elder sword maybe are the only melee weapons that aren’t useless.


It sucks.
Literally everytime it happens we just laugh.

Sigh illfonic just reallydoesn’t want ft to have any fun attached to it.



Can you please add missing shaders to lockers in the next update? I don’t want to spend VT to get it, it takes too much.

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it’s the one that shows up in Predator 2 and in Fortnite

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Cool wasn’t expecting an update. The Isabelle screams were hilarious sorry to see them go


if you had to rely on a glitch to make Sam sword worth using, you just suck with said weapon.

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Wait I always had platinum and golden shaders on the armor available for the Elder. Still don’t have on my Jungle Boi though, can you give you guys give him that too ?


Where’s the rebreather mask?? I still don’t see it in the customisation options.


I wonder why

Even with the glitch the sword was never worth using when you play against a full team with fts like me anyway.

katana in general is of no use against a good team, at that point only the elder sword or the sickle are really worth

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sure man, whatever you say. Maybe one day you’ll believe yourself.