Patch Notes 2.29 (Hotfix)

Nope. I was on PS4.

On PS5, I didn’t have any issues last night with the cloak bug.

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So I played a couple hours as the predator today and I encountered bugs such as: target isolation ignored some players for no reason and it didn’t work at all some times, some mudded up players where highlighted (and no I wasnt using perks that enabled that), cloak is sitll f’d up and there are glitches in the menu such as: predator showing up with default armor and dlc predator skins showing default mask. Will try and see if anything has changed tomorrow. Also I got to play one night map which was cool BUT it doesen’t make any sense that the predators visor is so bright (I know that it is made to balance things out). It would’ve been a lot better if the lights in the map would be uv-lights so it would mess up the visor in any lighted area or that mudding up would last 50-70% longer (because it would dry up slower at night time).

That’s strange. I’m also on the PS5 and had persistent issues with the cloak bug. I’ll have to check later this afternoon to see if it’s still there.

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I’m going to intentionally try to get the bug to activate.

@IllFonic @OldKingHamlet. Predator’s heat vision is still waaay brighter on night mode.


The way it happens to me is if you switch your weapons while cloaked or are healing for a set amount of time while cloaked.


It seems to activate when switching weapons while going into the cloak animation.

@OldKingHamlet @Kassinaillia Hopefully, this helps get to the bottom of this. Thank the team for their continued support.

Any word on fixing Exiled’s Predlocks showing as Elder?

when a fix for the hunter’s cape?

That is still happening can confirm

Fix the thermal vision on night maps!!!


Anyone else still having claoking issues when swaping weapons? Even after the hotfix.


Unless they came out with a second hotfix then yes I am still suffering from it. Last night it kept happening even while healing.

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It’s supposed to be like that. You can tell because the bronze selection is actually kinda orange. Looks fine.

Why the fuck am I constantly crashing on ps4?

Exiled Predator is paid to lose just like Isabelle.

They both need buffs in terms of perk points.


Exiled predator its just a scout with new armor, i feel sad for the people buy him

It’s worse than Scout, just like Isabelle is worse than Recon. There’s 0 reasons to buy both.

well again an useless predator…