Patch Notes 2.29 (Hotfix)

@Kassinaillia Hotfix has reset us to Level 1.


My level is gone too. My Veritanium, all my loadouts are locked. Like i just bought this game. And all other 4 gius i’m playing with happened the same thing.
And on the bottom it says “test test test”.

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Yeah PS4 me too

Working on fixing it right now. Try logging out and logging back in and see if the issue is still there.

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Did, no help

Pour moi oui il est toujours là même après avoir relance le jeu

Have you tried in the last minute?

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It caught up on my third login it’s got my levels and everything else now

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Okay so I turned the game off and turned it on again. Everything is fixed and back to normal. lmao.

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C’est bon j’ai relance tout est revenu j’espère ça sera ok cette fois merci beaucoup

What about exileds dreadlock? They are glitched to elders

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Tank you illfonic continuer continuer comme ça c’est cela quonds veut i love youuu

Just got home and doing all the updates. If all my shit’s been reset…I’m gonna have such a cry.

@Kassinaillia There’s is an issue with Falconers/Foxtrots Mask where if you change the color only the mouth and forehead are painted but the sides are still bronze

Gonna have to send a pic of it as well

screenshot would be very helpful


also i think the next Fireteam and predators well come at December

Will do as soon as my update is done I will

All my stuff is normal. Hallelujah.