Patch Notes 2.30 (Hotfix)

This honestly makes a lot of sense and is stuff I already knew about, but I wish more people did and would stop asking dumb questions about.

Also, Harrigan confirmed.

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Roadmap and maj today


Why did you think a lot of players were so vocal against them? 😄


I have seen some new mask online and other stuff in make but would not show them at all if you said its ok. but for fireteam I do have the idle I thought about I guess its fireteam predator mask

Wow, okay. I don’t know so much info but I think here it matrers the level of involvement and dedication of the staff but also the level of toxicity and how much you are literally able to debate and communicate with peers here.

Let’s face it is kind of hard to filter the good peers and serious ones compared to trolls or just horrible folks all together.

I wouldn’t judge here if it came to that because one needs to protect his/her mental health when it comes to the overall shit show you might find around this forum.

There are numerous ways of doing harm and causing damages due to the level of dissatisfaction with the game as I also understand the fact that the game is not in the best shape. But some folks are literally mentally deranged. Is a heavy task to avoid even small things such as dubious links or whatever one needs to check as a mod in this place.

Enough said.

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Also, don’t get me wrong, I do understand your concern. Even I hit them in the past and will continue to hit about the state of the game and overall view of things. I am not pleased with some things as well and some are the same like what you say and point out as well.

Heck, my main line here is that this is a game that is suppose to look polished, tidy and users or peers here don’t need to beta test the game after launch even when it comes to bug reporting. We aren’t paid for expecting a good quality game and instead of enjoying we need to report bugs and talk about things that really needed implementation and do not understand what takes so long. I keep pointing out that users here, in this case are not beta testers.

Maybe they focus the team on other projects and the overall management of this title and project is obviously placed on second place. And that is a mistake for a developer especially one that managed to screw up like Illfonic did previously.



Yep, these are good points.

Who has been here to share with me the background of the studio? Can anybody spill the beans?

I know about the flop Friday the 13th but from what I see looks like the fuckery keeps going long way back.

Can anyone brief me with the time line and overall activity and failure of this studio/company?

I need a person who has seen it all.

Thank you.


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That guy? He looks like a cheap ass troll to me, bumped into him on several theards. But regardless, I am here to read and see what folks have to say about it.


i can’t stop breaking out in giggles when i see this

New maj 18h 19h 20h???

He just likes to joke around, if you really just think of him that way, I’d say you dont really have a sense of humor, but that’s another topic.

You dont really need to go further back than this game than to see how bad ilfonic is.

All jokes and memes aside, you can look at the start of the forum, at what the earliest people said they wanted and how it got COMPLETELY ignored.
They didnt even acknowledge a pretty big post made in like the first month where a lot of the playerbase took a player made survey, where they were told exactly what people wanted from this game.

Next we have all the bugs, which Is self explanatory.
Theres evidence everywhere.
And I cant tell you the amount of times I’ve seen bug reports completely ignored.

They say they cant talk about the game,
But it really just sounds like an excuse to not communicate.
I mean really, who the hell would actually care if they discussed balance and bugs with us?

Like talking about that would only help make things better between players and them.

Anyway that’s just some stuff.

Well kass stated today that the game is such a big IP that all of the silence etc is due to so many heads being involved.

But there is a simple retort to said statement, if it is such a big IP and valued ? They wouldn’t let the game crash and burn like they have if it is so valuable.



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@Kassinaillia gif still banned? 😖

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Of course because image


How many other heads are in this game and why must they go through all of that just to tell us bug fixes? Thats the one thing that boggles me.

Like I can understand new characters due to IP process but something like a new weapon or even a bug fix is also out of the question? That is so bizarre.

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This is why bug fixes can sometimes take a while.