Patch Notes 2.39

And 2 years of constantly repeating the same thing over and over again to the company, surely cannot be good for your health. Especially if it turns into people slandering the people who make the game or to folks who have been hired on to assist with the project since launch.

I prefer to take a more constructive stance and since all the complaining seems to fall on deaf ears, I’d make the best of what I got in the game and move on if it upset me.

Never understood the “kill the game since its broke” mentality.

Game goes down, so does peoples love for the franchise.

Illfonic included or not.

First of all you cheated just like a cheatin lol bish, second this is Rey’s fault , I have that info from the highest authority…… mello, I still forgive Rey and I’m sorry he is meaningless


This game going down wont affect peoples love for the franchise. True fans have left this game a while ago when they saw how bad it is whether it be bugs or balance or possibly some other issue.

Sure, staying here and talking shit about illfonic may not help, nor is simply speaking up about the issues, but neither is fake positivity like you have.

Its over, just admit that and move on, or just find your own way to squeeze any fun you can out of the game.

Plain and simple.

Il beat your ass with jabs. Try me xD.
Man when did you let recognition go to your head?

You used to be cool. Now youre just a bully.

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Someone truly must have hurt you man.

Don’t understand what bone you have to pick with me.

Very disappointed @IllFonic where’s tracker predator? And most of all where’s GAUNTLET MODE? Its been 2 years and all we get teasing us is the glitch where ppl load in as echo and foxtrot. I tend to be more empathetic towards this game as to aliens but damn smh. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the game but damn…


Yes but if you sit by and say these updates are okay its just as bad as saying the is game dead, the problem is people are to complceant or forgiving of what illfonic is doing, I would understand if it was a still a year into launch, its been 2 years and next to nothing substantial has improved and people are rightfully upset and having this fake optimism is just giving illfonic more of reason to release these bare bones updates.



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Next time we play that game I’m gonna beat you to death even with your cheats and hacks and modded controller .

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I mean. If they didn’t make a pred game.

Who would have?

Also, sorry entirety of the Illfonic forum for not sharing the exact same opinion as everyone else.

From the bottom of my heart!

Being a bootlicker won’t make this game any better, trust me I tried.




Oh I’d load a bigger calibre than .45 ACP…

No, the fact that this game will die will not force us to quit the FRANCHISE, We will continue to fill our shelves regardless of the state of the game and the next attempts of developers to scam us.


Actually I just messing with my friends @Fire and @REYNOSO_FUA11. I have no ugliness towards anyone and as far as the game goes …. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be and I’ll try it o enjoy it best I can . To be perfectly honest the only true way I enjoy this game is because of gaming with @REYNOSO_FUA11 and @Fire and @Forever_Mello and the rest of my homies . Because if you guys think we are bad in here lmao you should hear us in the match criticizing each other lmao


The lords caliber is more than sufficient


Its beautiful 😪


i don’t believe you

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So what brought your decrepit corpse back from your slumber? Also next time tell me where your grave is, mint and I went looking for it and couldn’t find you so we wrote you off but I’m glad you’re here.


I don’t believe you either

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