Patch Notes 2.49



That’s fucking stupid

Assuming its only 3 fixes…


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Legend has it Jason Voorhees just spat out his cuppa tea reading this🤣🤣🤣


I’m gonna have to delete something to make room for this

Bye bye co-op mode for mw2

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25gb for just these little things? There must be more.

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Discord is saying the servers are running slightly smoother

But idk

Damn anytime Illfonic does anything you got a bunch of adults in here crying like little children LMAO go play COD then you miserable little bussies 🐈

What about fireteam new stuff? new characters, weapons,or something new… About new maps? Ok now predators are “well” ,can you try to work a little in fireteam or game problems, can you add something interesting? I have 650 field boxes and 7milion veritanium 🥱🥱 and can,t find nothing new in field boxes, all duplicate , and can,t spend veritanium in nothing interesting or new cause i play fireteam. Please think in fireteam players a little we are waiting for something new. Omg predado.


It’s not QoL changes, but they surprisingly fixed scar’s face.


Why did this take 24 days to otherwise fix Scar? I assume this might’ve been scheduled but this was almost if not a months worth of time where it was otherwise wrong.


And who the fuck are you

And MW2 is a good damn game

I’m 14 you fuck.

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@SkooLBoY_SkePtiK Now you have to find a body colour like the face colour i don,t know if there is a colour like this face or wait again for body colour correction😂😂 hugs bro

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@Courier can you guys share some insight as to why this update on epic is 33.6 GB but on steam is 25.8 GB? Why such a huge difference on a game that is basically running in the same platform?


They took tracker spec off Celtic and Stalker specs of Chopper @Courier @OldKingHamlet @Wil can you at least tell us why or list it in the damn patch notes? It’s very simple


Too stoopid

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I had to remove it entirely and install in another drive.

Your momma lol