Illfonic idk if this it a glitch or they are cheating but until I get an explanation I’m just going to assume these guys cheated. However even if they didn’t y’all need to get on it with the cheaters cuz at this point I’m turning off cross play.

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Server desync. Surprisingly common now, seems to be able to be easily exploited at this point. Had an issue like this on my recent Mr. Black stream, was getting spotted and shot through geometry but not consistently like this.

Ask the PC guys

@JelouGaming @Samhain13 @Scarface_1983

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Its a desync problem, which you appear in one location to the ft and another in your screen. I once made a video talking about it when it happened to me:

You were probably right next to them while in your screen you were far away.

Funny cus in October/2020 I also though it was a hacker issue when I first encountered it:

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Are you sure it’s just desync? That guy with the mini gun was spinning around awfully fast…

I can believe it was, don’t get me wrong, but i have run into people using aimbot before

There is no proof of players using aimbot on this game.


Cheating + predator health too weak other things

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I’m sorry you experienced the Desync problem hopefully it won’t happen again to you sir


Lmaooooo…clearly they were guarding the body and the guy even said “you were STANDING next to us” meaning he lost connection and wasn’t moving or probably running against a wall. That is way too common for both Pred and FT. Sometimes you’ll get to reconnect, but majority of the time after a few seconds your connection will crash and you’re back in the menu.

I mean, he was gonna lose that match anyway, so probably a good thing he disconnected js 🤷

Server dsync, what’s that?
They must be cheating!
Wait, how do I turn the crossplay off?

Yea there is, just look at every console player, they get free aimbot.

Okay no proof of PC players using aimbot on this game.

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the game is working normally sir

thank you sir come again

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I actually recently tested this and concluded that there is no aim assist towards Predators. There is aim assist towards AI and Pigs tho. Now I could have just experienced something going goofy, but we did sit there for 10 minutes trying to get my camera to make the tiniest movement with my friend walking around in front of me, leaping, jumping, aiming, crouching, and we didn’t even get a wiggle from my camera.

Thats not how aimbot (aim assist) works tho.

Miniguns do spin around very fast, that’s what miniguns do. As for the player turning around, don’t you know you can increase and decrease the sensitivity in the options? You can do it in most games.

You gotta ADS for it to take affect. It’s been recorded moving player camera outside of ADS, usually when pigs zip on by and your camera goes NEEEOW out of nowhere. Both ADS and hipfire did not seem to be affected by aim assist when near a Predator, however.

I’ll test it again but record it this time. Later tonight

As much as I hate aim assist cause it fucks me over, mainly in D2, pc players honestly belive aim assist is aim bot and are scared of it so they cry about it all the fucking time.

Already easier to shoot on mouse so I understand why it exist, but god forbid theres anything to even out the odds. Its just sad really.