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So, before I begin I do NOT want any toxic bullshit in this thread, I just have some questions for the most knowledgeable in this topic as well as advice. I want this to be civil and friendly.

Now, I am looking at building my own PC for gaming and other such things, but I do not know much about building a PC, what is good and what isn’t. I am pretty novice when it comes to this. But, I do know what I want. So, what I am asking for is some guidance and help.

I am looking for something that’ll be no more than $600, Will be able to handle just about any game on high settings with 60fps to 240fps, decent memory, great graphics, bare minimum ram 8gb, and I want to still be able to use it with a controller due to that is what I am most comfortable with, and few other things.

Some of the games I would be playing on it would be:

The Isle

So, what is there that I could handle those kinds of games with the specs I want for around $600 and can build on my own.

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Any of you know anything on this subject?

I am a console peasant

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figured, I would ask since I don’t know who to ask, I’ve played console pretty much entire life, but why not so I have a xbox, PS, and PC

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Not even a little lol

Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable on the subject. Best wishes though in your endeavor!

Sad face

I know, I’ve debated getting into PC gaming, but don’t have the budget to spend on a PC as of now.
Just checking, but you meant Personal Computer right, not PlasmaCaster?
Because if you need a PlasmaCaster, I can help there.

Plasmacaster? And I talked to one of the guys at the data center he actually built his own, said he’d pass some info when he has time

You get a pc and you’re dead to me.

But Dad

Nu butts. I have a pc but I have no interest playing on it.
I regret buying it.

Daddy, you wouldn’t disown me. I want it for some gaming and still gonna use controller with it, as well as looking up stuff. It’ll also help learn something new for possibly a data center job if I can manage to build a pc. It’ll basically be console gaming except with 60fps to 240fps and better graphics. I already know how to script controller to do what keys do and vise versa since I did it for my xbox to play my $600 MNK setup on xbox

Lol you do you bro.

Lol, you still gonna dis me?

You will be a traitor hore.

Lol il talk shit but wont really care.

Nope console is where I stay

It’s okay I’ll just carry you with my superior FPS XD just messing lol

My friend, PC technology passed me by in an age long ago… in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred ninety eight. I had just become a man and thought myself bold and experienced in the realms of pixels and polygons.

But lo, I was laid bare a fool. Where once the Windows I had so easily opened, closed, enlarged and minimized just thrice years prior, were now strangers to me. Their cold code mocking me day and night, night and day, month after month, ENDLESSLY MOCKING MY PLATEAU OF KNOWLEDGE… and so I left them behind. Without a word. Without a whisper. "Let them torture others with their slow speeds and viruses.

I returned to the loving arms of my dear consoles whose cartridges and codes would never turn me away. Though at times, I did reflect fondly upon my adventures with Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade, the Demon-genocide in the UAC facilities, burlesque houses, alien anus kicking whilst masticating sweetend chewing products and shootouts in the animated old west. But to those grounds I can ne’er return. And nor would I try, for now the consoles have evolved and overtaken the Pcs and left them and their devotees as lowly as the harlots of White Chapel.

Nay, dear reader, I say NAY! Do not be wooed into the temple of endless woes and empty wallets with the endless necessary upgrades. The consoles are pure and true!

But for real, fuck PCs now.