Pc play takes zero skill

Yeah I said it. Console players have more natural skill and are overall better gamers than 90% of pc players.

It takes zero skill to point and click.

Most pc players outside of this game and call of duty are humble and don’t push the fact that they need little skill to kill you.


Listen here you fucking troll.

Idk a keyboard seems like a fucking nightmare to use.
I would say FPS requires no real skill as a whole tho.
Not just on pc.
Just in general.

Fps ain’t real games for the most part.



So? Note: i’m not a PC player.
But if you’re so much of bragging about that, juat turn your crossplay off.
Also, it’s not necessary to someone to bring up to a topic something that is obvious and common sense since this century begun.


Thats still not changing my mind lol. WASD has the same learning curve as anything. Given an hour any gamer can learn keyboard

Crossplay is always on my friend! Still tales no skill to point and click.

They should just make this game for the nintendo Switch only.


i would also go out of the bounds to argue that no matter if you are PC or CONSOLE… you dont need actual skill to play this game… winning also takes at least team playing which also involves in not needing much skill rather u got 4 people to back each other up with their low level skills…

Fast forward to the point where even if u have one PC player on the team u only need one that can actually have skill and win against predator… so its 1 v 1 in almost all cases.

most predators get used to shitty plebs and then they come to a full team of skilled players and they are like omg hackers wtf… illfonic ban them etc… but in all honesty the devs are the main issue the people are like this… and they are letting this happen that everyone is attacking everyone on forums and not blaming the devs… what im fighting for is for people to bring the fight to the devs…

I would be a master of the game then! I would use my duck hunt rifle attachment Takes more skill to aim with that thing lol

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Yo that sounds fun tho lol.


Good luck Etch A SKetch master!


Right! The aim is terrible on that thing but it would be hella fun. It would bring me back to the days of the wii playing Revenge of the sith and call of duty lol

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Was actually looking into getting a KB&M set up to test on PS5 and see what all the fuss is about but I’m not sure PHG supports it in console

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I fully support this game getting ported to the Etch A Sketch! It would really help the player base grow!


So on the Ps5 it bia passes the phg controller thing since you can set key binds for the m&kb on the accessories setting screen. I haven’t tried it yet But i saw a video of how t set it up and he was playing games that had no key bind settings in game. So it’s possible

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So you can use KB&M but no custom keybinding?

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Yeah You will most likely have to use the default keybind. Could be wrong tho. I haven’t tried it cause I dont feel like breaking out my Hori m&kb its pretty sweet its got a joystick on the side of the keypad so if you suck with the Wsad you dont have to use it!

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The kids gone pro!


Mass with that 28 damage you average maybe its time to switch over to a controller on your Mac 98

I dont know what you’re talking about.badblood.

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Everyone can point and click, correct.
Does anyone can aim good while trying to point and click?
Nope, it takes practice.
Same with controller.
Some ppl aim better with the controller, some ppl can’t shoot the AI in front of them.