PCMR: Same/Shared Loadouts between Epic Games and Steam

Had the game on Epic and went ahead and bought the Steam version. Get in game(Steam) and it has the same loadouts as my Epic version. I don’t even own all the stuff like Arnie and Beast Mode yet it shows them like I have them on Steam. Any changes I make on Steam as I level up carry over to Epic and vice versa. I have to change them back every time I switch platforms. My name on both platforms was “umthrfkr”. Thought that might have something to do with it. Tried a workaround and changed my Epic name to “CTUIR umthrfkr” to no avail. Still shared loadouts. The games are not saved in the same directory. Same drive but different directories. One in a Steam folder and one in an Epic Games folder.

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That’s happening because the Loadouts are saved in a file on your PC, it’s called UserSettings.sav and it seems like Epic and Steam are sharing the same location for it.
The good thing is: making this file read-only prevents most loadout related bugs.

The bad thing is that it’s exploitable: If you just got the game and somebody gives you his file, you can play with all of his DLCs without owning them, even the Jungle Hunter.
And you can play with Pre-patch Loadouts and other impossible ones if you got the right file.
This way I was able to play a Valkyrie with 14 Perk points and got a free Specialization on top when joining games. LOL
I’ve reported this countless times, but Illfonic doesn’t bother to fix this.


difficult thing to fix i think. they could specify a different DIR for steam / epic version but nothing stopping each version from copying and sending the file still.

They could put a platform marker/tag in the SAV that identifies it as epic/steam and then disallow a epic to use steam sav and vice versa. but doesnt stop sharing invalid loadouts for the same platform.

For that, each sav would have to have the users Unique identifier tag in there and disallow use of a tag other than that of the user. that would stop sharing invalid loadouts , and the addition of requiring tag authentication would stop old SAVs before tag implementation from being used.

Then a game version TAG to stop future updates from using older saves that may become invalid in the future…

in short, Platform, game Version and userID ‘tags’ need to be added and verified in SAV files.