People who don't defuse (chose not to)

These folks reap the benefit of other players ability to do the bomb.

I have had too many games where I am now max level, and these new comers aren’t willing to try the bomb even if I tell them I am able to do it.

Provide a huge incentive to complete the bomb and give that reward to the person that defuses the bomb. (Maybe a sprinkle to the rest of the team for assisting in downing and gaining the body)

I’ve even had players beg me to do the bomb because they don’t want to try it or are afraid to “lose” lol.

Hopefully providing an incentive in defusing the bomb (exp or vert) will intice more players to try the bomb and not have to put so much pressure on players that can do it.


This feels like a personal attack 😅

Yea my brother just got the game and once we killed a pred and I told him to access the bomb once the screen popped up he was immediately intimidated because of the movies and didn’t even try. I had to show him it could be done in order for him to even attempt it lol

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You defuse it now though.

It just occurred to me when someone was asking me to do it cause they want the exp, but they weren’t willing to do the bomb.

Not aimed at you ;)

Those that want exp but won’t put forth the effort.

I’ve tried to assist with a ton of people telling them I won’t blow up (a ton of folks can now defuse the bomb) but when I got told to do it for someone else’s exp, I was borderline… I’m gonna let this fucker blow :p lmao

tell them the truth my dude , " if you dont defuse the bomb we lose thats how the game works " and maybe they try

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I honestly don"t think bomb defusal should be common nor should newbies be expected to defuse. Just extra flavor and flex for seal team sixing the pred.

No one considers pred suiciding itself in a corner or tree a win. Nor did they watch p1 and go “lol arnie lost.” Otherwise I get a 100% winrate castering myself at spawn.

Bomb is just fun flavour minigame after preds hp has already hit 0 and hes already dead. Purely optional and potentionally gets them killed like survivors doing all the extra stuff in DBD. Alive good, dead bad.

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But when they actively avoid it, and tell someone to do it cause they dont try it, I’m not a fan of that.

I’d rather reassure them I can do it and they should give it a try! :)

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You have to defuse the bomb

You have to not stomp the enemy into the floor


Nothing wrong with not defusing the bomb lol. Its a better practice then dying over a bonus ending esp if you lost sight of the pred. It’s no NOED.

Any decent pred with time to react is going to go hide with his face towards a wall on a ledge or hop in a tree so defusing becomes a toss up anyways

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If preds want to feel like they won the match because the ft didn’t diffuse after getting slaughtered, that’s cool with me.

My job is to kill the pred and move on to the next match, not waste time killing AI.

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Ugh I hate that condition. It’s too abusable by Pred, punishes sniper shots, completely ignores the entire PVP aspect of the game, and doesn’t even make lore sense.

no one care what you and what i think . the game rules (and animation) prove my point , i am sure 99% of predator players (me too) dont like to explode but still count as win

well my friend those are the rules + if you want to win as fire team you need to defuse the bomb or kill the monster before he activates the bomb or even better DONT kill the monster and exifill
its not unfair when ft can win the pvp without even killing the monster so its even

your job is to read the rules of the game , if you dont defuse you lost no matter what you feel

It’s a well known quote from the DBD community

“Who cares about rank”

And you know what?

Who cares about defuses

you have the right to not care but you dont create the rules my friend , dont defuse and lose 100% of games , i wish dont have you teammate

Kill Pred no defuse=win

I don’t honestly care

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my friend rules dont care about your feelings , dont defuse = lose you want to think otherwise your problem my friend

Youre the only one convincing yourself blowing up in a tree is a win, zeus and all 4 FT survivors are alive & laughing at your dead body

No one cares about you retaining your roleplay honor

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