Perfect example of how stupidly OP the smart disk is in privates

I decided to go on twitch and see what all streams were up. Tuned into LS1_Outlaw’s stream. Him and his buddies were playing privates with someone named BrianBZ55 as the pred (hosting). 1st match Brian ran the smart disc and absolutely creamed them. LS1 was downed and killed while on the ground within like the first 30 seconds.

Next match Brian doesn’t run disk and uses bow, caster, melee combo instead. The usual stuff if not running disc. They lost again, but this time it was a HELL of a lot more close. The match almost went full time, and they nearly escaped. Brian also got pushed back numerous times. Total dmg was like 9K+, compared to the 1st match where I don’t think they even second-winded him. LS1 got disconnected from the match after dying and reinforce had been used, so I couldn’t see the rest and post-results, but the match finished like a minute later anyway. They were about finished at the point that LS1 got dropped.

Anyway, it just highlighed a stark difference and I figured I’d share what I saw. It’s not like this isn’t anything that people here already know.

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Bro missed 3 years of talking about balance on this forum, RIP


Who cares?


🤣 Yeah. It is what it is. If you can stomach playing still, the disk isn’t really an issue in public matches due to lag and/or bugs and invisible hit boxes on most objects.


Yeah, Brian is a monster with that disc


I’ve been around since the beginning. I just didn’t participate in the forum, I only read. Why do you think I already know everyone’s rep on here like Disc? And who is buddy buddy with who

The ones who criticize players who attempt to balance out what Illfonic didn’t in privates

It is if it’s the right pred and he happens to have low ping. But the post was about privates anyway, I specifically said that


All I see is a square

To be honest I don’t play with Brian very often as I pull out of matches with him. We have clipped a few games of him as pred and as ft. I strongly suspect he is aim bottling it. I call him aimbot Brian. Whether I am right or wrong, who knows, but had way too many instances that just don’t make sense and in one match I just watched him as ft being ft myself and it was dodgy. I did that because of all the previous instances where I was like wtf? That is just my opinion so don’t get your knickers in a twist. I just avoid him as matches he is in are suspect me and much fun at all as over in an instant.

You can’t hack in this game unless you’re fantasma

Only he is allowed to hack


He doesn’t use aimbot lol. He’s just good at the game.

Didn’t you accuse Jasonpool of using aimbot too? He doesn’t use aimbot either.


yeah you cant hack on console unless you have a jailbreak version (extremely rare) @Helga_bear

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Oh please., can’t hear that crap again. Just because you keep repeating it, does not make it true!

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Different Jason and it was erros who said he was dodgy, I just said I trust erros’ judgment on that. Honestly I wouldn’t have known who Jason was if it wasn’t for his constant messages to dice.

pretty much anyone that can aim is considered an aimbot by potato players, im pretty sure i soloed this brian once in pubs so


Everyone who is good or better than someone else in this game suddenly becomes an Aston alt. That’s the trend I’ve noticed in the forums ever since that guy showed up. Therefore Brian must be an Aston alt. Sarcasm obviously.

Dexter literally just pulled this crap on me in a pathetic last ditch attempt to dodge a private with me that he dug hmself into by opening his yap and trying to flex on me. I went from “you’re good with a gun” to “you’re Aston” in a matter of a few hours because I wasn’t allowing him to change the subject and dodge the match lol.

What’s funny too is he must have forgot the part where I was downed and killed in the match he tried to flex on me, when we all know Aston has invincibility. I’ve seen at least 2 videos showing this. The one where Beerwarrior gets a double disc hit on him and he’s not even bloodied. And the one where he full on just melees Givahost’s entire squad to death and doesn’t even turn green, then teabags them. I think there’s another one, but I forget.

So why would I go down and be killed if I had that? Especially since if you read my description of the match, I clearly say how I was alone when the pred showed up, so I could have easily used invincibility without anyone even knowing. No one was near me to see it, and the pred was a fraction from being 2nd winded, so it would have just looked like he didn’t get me before I got him. It was so close it could have gone either way.

There’s public cheat tables for PHG on CE

Anyone playing HOST in a private can use them and give themselves invisibility or boosting their HP to ridiculous levels, or continuously heal without people suspecting (if done in a none suspicious way)


He is right though ;)