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Hello everyone. Share how your game works on Win11. On version 10, I didn’t have any performance issues. I played at ultras, except for shadows, it was stable at 60 frames per second. At 11Vin, I have strong drawdowns even at the minimum settings of 1920x1080. Who else has such problems?
4930k 4.5Ghz quad channel ddr3 2133 1080ti

Hey there! How’s your game running on Windows 11? On version 10, I didn’t have any performance issues, but I’ve been experiencing some strong frame rate drops on 11, even at the lowest settings. Have you noticed similar problems, or has your game been running smoothly on Win11?

Laughs is PS5


PC can keep playing their little master race card, consoles don’t need to troubleshoot every little thing and are usually better optimized.


Not to mention that a PC with same specs as console costs idk how many times more. And it goes obsolete after 3 years.


Hi! I read your post about the game running poorly on Windows 11 and wanted to reach out to see if you’ve had any luck finding a solution.



um you just fucking mixed a CPU clock…with RAM…and videoclard. You feel proud for mixing ground chicken with ground beef with ground pork and calling it “El Grande”? Why you needed Windows 11 is beyond me. In this day in age, the only reason you would need it personally would be to say that you have it. Much like me having a Windows 7 since,well, last year playing PHG too. I then upgraded to Windows 10…hating it still. But even Hardware is without its problems on any OS.
I still get random hangs which I attribute to Windows Update updating and wanting to do shit without my persmission even though I tell it not to in the settings. But whatever.

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i was looking for the “Pocket Computer meme from Seinfeld” when I saw these!

A game about Nothing will have DLCs forever and successful!

So let us forget about this thread and crowd fund a Seinfeld pixel point and click adventure!

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Laughs in uncapped fps PC

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As an IT Tech. why would anyone want to go from a Microsoft Windows Opp. to a fucking LINUX based Opp system??
Yeah sure we all have tablets and smart phones, but please… leave our fucking computers the fuck alone!!!

Maybe so but you cant modify any of the programs now can you… Yeah… go fuck you optimization… I have the power to change everything you see

only if the fucker is ‘over-clocked’… otherwise any PC is guarantied to last 5 years or more.

When are you not gonna cum?
With reguard to the whole pc vs console thing, get both and just be happy with an old pc. I still have a phucken GTX 1080 in my pc, and it runs fine. Basically, ya don’t need to just buy something as soon as ti comes onto the market. Also 30fps isn’t lag.


Laughs in who gives an actual fuck as long as it’s above 25?

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I didn’t know NVIDIA made PCs 😳
But yes, my pc makes your ps5 look like a Nokia from 2001

*laughs in empty wallet 😭

RTX 1080? 😂

Oh shit thanks for catching that XD
I mean GTX 1080 lol
From 2017, back when it was one of the best money could buy. Even nowadays, I can still get about a hundrede frames on some of my games like Prototype, from back then. It’s kinda a shame cos it seems like game companies have just stopped making innovative/good games. That’s what drew me to PHG and Evolve in the first place: Innovation. The only one I’m really holding out for is Blight: Survival, cos medieval zombies. I seriously cannot believe someone hasn’t made a medieval zombies game before now.

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