PHG Causing PC To Restart - DUAL PC SETUP

As the title says, for whatever reason Predator Hunting Grounds is causing my gaming PC to restart almost immediately after starting it up. I run a dual pc setup for streaming purposes and I wanted to run a test stream of PHG, but cannot. Specs are as follows:

Gaming PC:
CPU: i9-12900K (Not overclocked)
GPU: Asus ROG STRIX 3090 (Not overclocked)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32GB 4800mhz (Not overclocked)
Mobo: Asus Prime Z690-A
PSU: Corsair Rm 1000x (1000W PSU)

Streaming PC:
CPU: i7-9700K (Not overclocked)
GPU: Asus ROG STRIX 2080 Ti (Not overclocked)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 (Not overclocked)
Mobo: Asus Prime Z390-A
PSU: Corsair Rm 650x

OS: Windows 11 Pro

To give more context, this issue only happens with PHG and Warcraft III: Reforged (so far). I have ran Sea Of Thieves, Halo Infinite, God Of War, DayZ, etc with zero issues while having my dual PC setup going and/or streaming. If I sleep the streaming pc and only have the gaming pc on, I can start PHG up and play it without any restarting of the mobo…

I do use a 4k monitor on my gaming pc. HDR is enabled and Adaptive Sync is disabled. Typically if I have the streaming pc running (with Streamlabs OBS open of course) my monitor will automatically disable the HDR mode on my 4K monitor as I use a Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 to get all the gaming pc gameplay over to the streaming pc via an HDMI cable connected from my GPU in the gaming PC to the Elgato in the streaming PC.

What could be causing this? I’d love to stream PHG for fun as I love playing it. Any help is greatly appreciated guys/gals.

Why would anyone need two pcs to stream this game?
Besides, the 12900k is powerful enough to play and stream any game without breaking a sweat.

Because I wanted to. Do you have a solution to my issue or no?

Yea, use only one pc, problem solved.

Thanks for your very thoughtful suggestion.

I would make the same suggestion. But since you’re looking for the most awkward ones, i’ll stay shut

I’m looking for an honest response dude. I came here for help not smart ass answers. I will spend my money how I see fit. I don’t need y’all’s opinions on how I need to run my shit.

You must be New to this forum.

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Nobody cares about your money dude. The advice was genuine. If you don’t understand, it’s your problem.

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Never said anybody did care about my money. I was making a point that no one will tell me how I need to run my setup. I don’t tell you how to run yours. There are a plethora of reasons to run a dual pc setup for streaming and I have my reasons for doing so and it’s really none of anyones business why I went down this path.

I didn’t come here for you and another member troll my post. I came here for actual help which it’s clear I will not receive. The “genuine advice” thus far has been anything but genuine nor helpful advice.

It’s not my fault that you get called out and don’t like it. Farewell keyboard warrior!

Such a pity that the community for this game is just as toxic as the devs.

Dude. What planet you came from?
You came here with a problem and him just told you a possible solution. Is it hard to figure it out?
It wasn’t a way for you to run your setup. It was actually a valid troubleshoot option!

I am from Krypton…

You really like to argue and I really do not want to keep going, but here we go. His answer was not a solution for me. I guess I will have to break this down for you to understand.

I wouldn’t have come here if using one PC was enough. It is not enough. Which is why I invested in a second PC to take the load off my old gaming pc which is now the streaming pc.

I use Streamlabs OBS for the streaming software and it is very CPU and GPU intensive. There are many other programs I use in conjunction with this software that are required for use such as the Elgato Stream Deck software, Elgato Facecam software and a couple others. They are minimized to the tray of course, but still have usage either way. Are you following me still? Here’s a little more info now ok?

I do not want any load whatsoever on my gaming pc which was the whole purpose of this dual pc setup. That is why streamers do this in the first place. Not everyone does this, but it is something some streamers do.

Now, I came here for a solution as to why PHG would be causing my gaming pc to crash while having a dual pc setup. A solution for that has not arisen. Just because scarface replied telling me to use one pc does not mean it is a solution.

You also replied with a smart ass reponse. Honestly we just need to agree to disagree. SMH

Dude i didn’t even read 2 lines of what you wrote.
I assume you are just here to brag about idk what and want any answer that goes your way.
That said, fucķ off and have a nice day.

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Thanks for stopping by!

I would run circles around you and your dual trash cans setup.

I have a single pc with 12700kf overclocked and I can stream any game with x264 custom commands that will make your dual setup stream look like vomit, and thats facts homeboy. That’s why I told you to run single setup with that 12900k you dumbass.

As Bruce Willis once said in Hostage! “Fuckin Rich People”

Have you thought that you play so many games on both of your computers and didn’t occur to you to check hardware? It maybe something to do with a crooked ram stick, you just never know

Another thought. Downgrade to Windows 10

You can’t help stupid.

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Asus ROG STRIX 2080 Ti

Recommended PSU


Just the vcard alone could be draining on peak loads and all your other peripherials add to that amount of Watts you use so at any given moment it might tip the iceberg over or trip your power supply to reboot. Even SSDs are like 2-5 watts each.

Maybe get yourself a Corsair RMx850


you know you love it. Machman does IT! yeah!