PHG Forum Member Interview: MassImpact124 VS BeerWarrior66

@BeerWarrior66 …ok. Help me understand you.

We’ve played a couple of matches in PHG and each time we play you’re screaming your lungs out!

Whats up with that?

Well I’m usually pretty lit when I drink and pretty much every time I play I drink


I’ve always appreciated loosey goosey gamers! Sometimes I have a few myself while I play!

It gets expensive though a 12 pack a day adds up fast

Do you wake up in the morning and crack one open or do you do it in the evening? a 12 pack can be very pricey for only a few hours.

On weekdays I’ll go straight for my stash usually, but I work during the days so I can’t be drunk 24/7, but I got a flask in my center console if I need a break and yeah paired up with buying lunch from fast food joints sucks the money right out your dick too

I see i see. Well we won’t go into your private life you know, this is a family friendly forum and all…

well, where are your questions for me?

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Let me ask you in like 4 hours

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I don’t really have any questions at the moment so ask away, well maybe one, have you ever fucked a cheap hooker before? I think I want an interesting trip next time I go to vegas

I had sex with a clown…twice!
So, your preferred class of PREDATOR PLEEEEEAZZEE!

And weapons favourites!?

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I’m somewhat of a class whore when it comes to playing Pred but I’d say Zerk Zerk had to be most enjoyable class I’ve played

Weapons would be bow and Combistick I used to call it the ComBow on most of my classes

Who do you have the biggest beef against on the forums? I heard you had some scruffs. I know some ppl on this forum can’t act civil if their lives depended on it!
care to share? YOu dont need to name names.;)

Just let it out brohemian!

HEHEHEHE Getting into bullshit is always fun, but the hate doesn’t go both ways

Causing a trail of destruction just so people knew I was there sounds like a blast

Does PHG meet your expectations? Do you think it at least needs a refresh of another year of new content? I think it should. They should look into how another gamemode might contribute a different feel that can make people suffer through it another year.

I am both BeerWarrior66 and MassImpact124.


You just asked a rabbit hole of a question for me unfortunately, I understand that the illfonic team puts in hard hours and I can only relate to majorly what Musaab Shukri does for his 3D art work but the rinse and repeat of Evolve/Evolve Stage 2 means they’ll just inherit the same problems that they had in the first place

All they can do is add new skins, gear, weapons, gamemodes, and characters, I hope they do it soon

Maybe fix a few bugs, but it would be nice if a company like this accepted third party QA Testers with a vetted process assimilating multiple trusted feedback from alternative sources BUT THAT SOUNDS LOGICAL AND THATS NOT FUN SUJODHBFOSUYHDBFOUSDBFUOSBDFOYUSBDFOUYSBDFOUYBSDFOUYBSDFSHJKDFBOUSDBFOUYSBDFHEHEHEHE

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no, good answer!

What games you playing right now or in the middle of playing?

Currently just playing PHG or trying to create game asset libraries for my own in the future

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