So lets check Updates!


With this newest DLC, existing Content is undergoing an Update before the DLC Release.
The following changes will be made to the Audio Decoy, and Bear Traps.

  • Audio Decoys -
    Upon Selecting the Audio Decoy from the Gear Wheel.
    You will now be able to select the specific SOUND you want to play before throwing the Decoy.

We think it would be a great addition to have selectable sounds for situational gain.
From Fake Predator Heals, to Fake Foot steps and more.

  • Bear Traps -
    Will now be able to be picked up after being set down.
    (Only if they are NOT triggered by the following Fireteam, AI, or Boars)
    And, of course if they are not destroyed by Fireteam First.

These changes will Take Effect on February 4th with the newest releases.

Let’s get an In-Depth Look.



As you can see, Pharaoh stats are clear cut for her Game Mode.
That’s right, the new mode is all hers.

As of right now, you will only be able to play the NEW MODE as Pharaoh.
This may change in the future though, we first must see how the Community Handles Her Mechanics.

She comes with a KHOPESH Blade, her Original KHOPESH a Trophy earned in battle.
She has forged her own version of the weapon into a new, more Sturdy Weapon.
Sporting Laser Wires and Scarabs.
These Gear types assist her in her ultimate goal, not necessarily to kill outright.
But, to Trap and Guide her Prey.

She comes with new Perks such as.

  • AFTER-LIFE - All footsteps while walking, crouching and Climbing are Silenced.
  • KINGS EYE - While Players are within your sightline, the player that has done the MOST
    damage to your Predator in the shorterst time
    will flash until out of range, or out of site.
  • NESTER - (Requires Scarabs) Shove a Scarab within the corpse’s of AI, Boars, and Deceased FT. This Hides the Red Flash of the Scarab, but only Muffles the Pinging noises.

Her Gear.

④ Scarabs - Plasma Based Bombs with the ability to Hunt Down Targets.

(I hope you guys are ready for these!)
Scarabs are a Special Tech Belonging to the Pharaoh.
Rarely seen on or used by other Predators. These robotic bombs will chase anything that get’s close enough.
Faster than an average FT member.
A Single Scarab cannot kill a Fireteam member.

These are the following Variables of the Scarabs:

A Single Scarab’s Blast - Will Stagger both AI and FT, and chip some health.
Two Scarabs Exploding - Will do Burn Damage over time.
Three Scarabs Exploding - Outright kill AI, but will down the Fireteam member.
Four or Five Scarabs Exploding - Outright Kill AI, and Outright kills Fireteam member.


Yes, … and no.
Scarabs make a very obvious Pinging sound.
And the closer they are to a player the quicker the Ping is.
They glow a very obvious red, and they move, skittering in a sort of small roaming bubble.
Much like Bear Traps and their radius bubble.
These Scarabs stay in a general area till a target is found and then will rush after it neverendingly.
And once Scarabs are Placed, they can’t be picked up again.

You can easily shoot them, if you see them first.
And because of their rather small size, they blow up pretty fast.
If a Scarab is to close to another Scarab it will automatically blow up as well.
So a Scarab in the hands of an Average Predator, probably isn’t as lethal.
Especially against an Elite FT.
And there is plenty of warning Visuals, and Sounds to know when ones around.


We aren’t forgetting that there are some pretty Elite Predators out there.
And they will make rightful use of this.
Which is another reason why the Perk NESTER exists.

To Give some Elite FT’s a sweat or two.
Like Nester mentions, Scarabs can be Shoved within the corpse of AI, Boars, and even dead FT.
The Scarabs Red Light hidden, and it’s Ping Muffled.
This is going to make for some interesting Hunts.
Where Predators slaughter camps and set off alarms.
Just to hide Plenty of Scarabs within the remaining Bodies.
Or Fake a Heal and hide the scarab in a Boar nearby.
Luring them to an alarming trap.

⑤ Does this Nester Perk have a Counter?
And, what stops Predators from Throwing Down Scarabs Bluntly on top of Teams?

Yes, all you have to do to counter the Nester is shoot the body until the Scarab comes crawling out.
And then obviously blow up the scarab.
So tread lightly teams.
But when a Predator sets a Scarab Down or shoves the Scarab inside a Corpse.
There is a cooldown for it’s start up.
The Scarab takes set up time, it can’t be thrown and expected to blow up suddenly.
It will be put down or placed inside, and then begin it’s start up timer.

This takes time just like Healing, or Eating a Boar.
Doing this in front of team fire is not a good idea, you’ve been warned.
Does this mean it will stop people from trying anyways, no.
But it stops it from being effective, and at greater Risk.

Oh, and did we forget to mention.
These little guys can Jump!

We’re kidding, they can’t jump far.
But the Scarabs are very capable of Jumping off rooftops,
down onto their target or the ground bellow.

We just didn’t want Predators throwing these toys on rooftops.
And then the Scarabs getting stuck up there, since their not able to be picked up again.

Just hope that you don’t look down to see them at your feet before it’s to late.

⑥ Laser Wires - Small Spheres that can be placed to Block Areas. (Not Useable in HUNT)

Laser Wires are another Gear type used by the Pharaoh.
Un-likely to be seen.
These Spheres are placed down in a condensed Hallway.
The spheres will then connect by high powered lasers.

This Blocks Players.
They are completely indestructible.
And attempting to walk through one will be an immediate Player Down.
This goes for the Pharaoh/the Predator as well.

Which is why this gear will not be allowed in Hunt.
Not only is the layout difficult to get the Spheres to set up.
Connect Properly.
But they wont be as effective in open landscapes.

And possibly even Broken in others.


Because in the New Mode.
They are very obviously placed.
When a Laser Wire Block is set.
It emits a bright blue light which can be easily spotted on the NEW MAP.
They also emit a very loud buzzing sound.

Walking into the Laser Wire Block,
is like walking into a Red Stop Sign while you were looking at it.

A Predators can only hold 2 Laser Wires.

Even with Large Pouch, this only adds one additional Laser Wire use.

All of course will be accessible to the other Yautja Classes in Hunt.
Including the new Gear type Scarabs!


  • All Predators - Will receive a new Melee Mechanic called “Back Hand”.
    This allowes all Predators the Ability to back hand AI, and FT.

AI can be killed and or tossed back.
FT will be Knocked Back a great Distance + Take Knock Back Damage if they hit an Object.
(Knife Parry Does not work against this.)

  • Berserker & Viking - Will receive an additional Interactive Environment Option.
    This allowed Vikings and Beserkers to pick up RED explosive Barrels and Boars.
    Hurling them in a general direction.
    This inflicts Impact Damage if the Object directly hits the Target.
    (The more Range, the greater the Impact Damage.)

While carrying a barrel, their speed is greatly reduced.
But like Long Jumps, there will be an arching visual to the landing point of the Barrel / Boar.

(Barrels can be set on fire before launch.
but at a greater Risk if not far away enough, before explosion.)

And yes, the Boars need to be killed before Launch.
You guys can’t just be hurling Live Boars!


These changes will also Take Effect on February 4th with the newest releases.



A Desert Map with a plethora of secretes for you.
“But it’s a des-” SHUSH, never judge by its mundane surface!
It’s what’s INSIDE that matters.

Enter inside the TOMB of a KING.
And get out with WHATEVER YOU CAN!

This Tomb covers the ENITRE MAP.

All Desert on the surface,
and all TUNNELS and ROOMS bellow.

There are dead ends, collapsing halls,
large rooms everywhere.
And the map randomly generates every Match.

From the Pharoah’s food source being Snakes.
to FT finding randomly spawned Guns on corpses.

Puzzles must be solved to open greater and greater rooms.
For Greater Rewards and more Lore.

⑨ FT’s Objective Get in the Tomb and quickly as a team, find out as much as you can about it’s layout.

Several rooms will be LOADED with Veritanium.
Some will even spawn locked Items/ Shaders/ Mythic Trophies and more.

Each Locked Room will require a set of puzzles to be solved.
The further you go unlocking Rooms, the harder the Puzzles.
And all this, while you’re being Stalked by the Tombs Guardian.

But if your team can get through Solving all the Rooms and make it the KINGS ROOM
your questions will have answers.

FT this is not your run and gun.

You will noticed the usual map looking a bit odd.
Spots will be missing or blotched out.

The 5th member.
Will be able to “see” or provide you with knowledge of those missing spots.
Since when they look at the map, they see it all in FULL.

The 5th FT member is important to telling the team where they can go, and where they can’t.
Considering, no one else can talk but the 5th FT member.

In fact, your team is comprised of Thieves and Bandits, armed Thieves and Bandits.
But nothing like the HUNT FT

You will have knives and maybe an option to pick a “decent” gun.
Where guns can spawn on this map from corpses.
But ammo is going to leave you high and dry.
So make every shot count here.

There are plenty of objects to pick up and throw, but nothing that’s going to save you.

①① PREDATORS/ PHARAOH’s Your Objective, Build up the PHAROAH’s CURSE and Kill anyone that tries to leave!

You may have noticed a blue bar on Pharaoh’s Health.
While FT is busy scurrying in the Tomb.
You will be using Pharaoh’s speed to navigate the stone tunnels that weave and turn around the Halls of the Tomb.
Yes, these oddly rounded Tunnels that only the Predator can access.
Popping out from the floor, ceiling, or walls.

Once you see you’re sites on a FT.
Your Objective is to become “one of them”.


Is Actually the “EXTRA” Health while camouflaged.

PHAROAH, doesn’t have Cloaking.
In fact, much like all of her Tech, being oddly advance for it’s Time.
PHAROAH has a mimic Cloak ability.
And since it’s DARK in the Tomb, there isn’t much reason to need a Cloak.

She Can Replicate any FT member.
But, first she has to fill up that Blue Bar.
By STALKING her Prey.
The Bar will fill, but if she stops, or is spotted.
It will stop filling and start to decrease.

But, once the Blue Bar is full, PHAROAH can then use her “Cloak”.
To look like an FT Member.
There is still ENERGY DRAINING of course just like with any Cloak.
But if she is SHOT and that Blue Bar depletes before the Energy Drain, she will lose the form.

And have to start again.

  • The Mimic Form can Mimic the weapons being held and even certain actions like Healing up.
    (But it wont actually heal, it will just look like it)

The Goal, Kill the FT without every being “seen Killing them in your normal form”.
This includes even the Player you are killing.

But if Pharaoh must kill upfront, and uncloaked she can.
It doesn’t give as much experience and Veritanium though.
And with her low health stats, she isn’t going to tank 4 people shooting her.

With every FT member that dies without every seeing her true form.
One can earn the special ending of “Pharaohs Curse Perfected”.
Including the LOOT FT Collected.

Having thought up some questions, thought to answer some in case.
This is all for fun though and not full Proof.



FT can literally kill each other and take each others collected loot to double their own.
It’s a variable with allot of possibilities.
You never know if the person is the Yautja or just Greedy Bum.
But puzzles are solved easier in greater numbers.
And faster.


One it’s because of the Lore Behind PHARAOH’s CURSE.
As if it wasn’t obvious, she is NOT your normal Yautja.
And, has already been deemed a BAD BLOOD Just by her looks alone.

In fact, her whole Sub Race has been Deemed “BLUE BLOODS”.
But the more the TOMB is Explored and the mysterious are unraveled.
The more questions will be answered as to WHY she is still here, and WHY she acting the way she chooses.

After All, Pharaoh isn’t killing to CLAIM SKULLS, she already has a tomb of them.


The Game can only be entered Solo if Public.
If your with a friend in game, you will have to depart from them.
But in Privates you can invite Friends.
And just Deceive each other as much as one wish, and mess around. Have Fun.

For those here for the Community Challenge
Recommend full screening it!


There is your link above.
Looks better on PC, Mobile is eh still.

This is an everyman for themselves Challenge.
It begins the starting lore of the PHARAOH’s CURSE DLC.

DONE23 PHG-BROKEN For those that Play the Game and submit their endings.
DONE31 EGYPTION FLOWER For the First Person to Finish the challenge and submit their ending.
DONE32 HAMMER HEAD For the First Person who finds all 4 Death Scenes.


This one was allot of fun to make, it really did kick our ass in the end.
We honestly just hoped you guys enjoyed and had fun.

Did this TOP our last Concept?
Welp the HUNT Expansion DLC this late July. Concept.

  • Nope
  • Yeah

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And, did you guys Enjoy this?

  • Heck Yeah!
  • It was Okay.
  • Nah not this time.

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Let us know your thoughts Guys! We really do appreciate it.
Don’t Forget to check the Badge Page if needed!
Your Badges

Whispers: Not gonna spoil the next to Projects, but they involve crosses fingers,
3D Modeling and a Animations. We’re so Excited!


Personally I find this idea very creative


I like it


You guys put so much work into this and there are alot of creative concepts here! I especially liked the tension if having the FT be working together yet unable to trust one another. Reminds of opening scenes of Predators where no one trusts anyone.


ooooh, this needs a disclaimer. this isnt actually real.



Heck yeah, like whos gonna backstab who now?
I love open variables where friends are enemies while there is still a very clear enemy.

My personal favorite was the idea of Beserkers and Viking just HURLING barrels at FT members though.
It’s a very funny idea in my head.

But again thanks, we do really Appreciate the communities support on these projects.
And, the feed helps us to know if we’re pushing in the right direction.


lol @MassImpact124 at least I put Concept at the top this time.
No Heart Breaks here.
I think.


Character model looks pretty good! Really like the look of the mask. If were talking about the Nightstorm/Scarab pred, would like to see the exposed mandibles. And keeping with the lore, HE was the first Super Predator so would need a different Yautja species introduced. Just some food for thought :)


We can defiantly keep that in mind.
We didn’t go Super Pred rout with her.
Only cause Supers Preds are really in the SPOT LIGHT.

We had this idea that she just belongs to a Race that’s been so shoved aside.
That they, they dont mean shit to anyone alive or dead anymore.
Like other Races just assume these Blue Bloods are Extinct by now.

We surely try and aim for more LORE fixed stuff.
But it’s hard.
I dont have access to every comic, to every movie, to everything.
I would feel bad getting something wrong in a Concept cause I overlooked something on an existing Predator.


I like it as an original idea! Didn’t know if you knew of the Nightstorm pred and were trying to introduce a version of him or not. But her as a spin off race of her own is actually pretty dope. Nothing wrong with creating a bit of lore of your own.
So her clan/race is deemed Bad Blood but ARE they truly Bad Blood, e.g., kill other Predators and not adhere to the Yautja’s strict honor code? I’m genuinely curious now :D

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I got an ending

First run kill by the Pharaoh

Second run: I decided to jump into the hole without the rope

Third run: I decided not to take the glowy bottle


Good timing, Im explaining that to someone now actually.

So our idea was that these BLUE BLOODS are OLD.
In fact at the time they co-existed with other Yautja.
The Codes of honor and such were still being developed.

Yah know how Races envelope over time.
Well these guys where in the midst.
Im sure the code of honor wasn’t the same now as it was back then.
As it was being built anyways.

But, one thing amongst most yautja are differences tend to spark rivalry.
Especially with a Race so heavily into breeding only the strongest for survival.
One’s gotta remember there probably was a time when Yautja didn’t have Tech as heavily as they do now.

And that’s where the Blue Bloods come in.
You see we had this thought that.
At one point when Yautja started really developing tech.
The Blue Bloods were the MAIN source.

As you noticed all her gear is HEAVLY Advance for living in such shit conditions.
I mean how long in tomb can you go with the same equipment for years.
So, at the time Predators were really building themselves up.
And then started Building Honor codes so they wouldn’t lose their grit with these new advancements.
The differences really started to show.

The Blue Bloods were weak and fragile, but they could build tech like nothing.
So once a Yautja smart enough and strong enough.
(Best of both worlds)
Rose up.
They started to push the Blue Bloods out of the way.
Breeding rates went down.
They were looked down upon more.
And of course, they fought back on this.
All the tech they were making was there original creations.
But more and more the “normal” Yautja didn’t need them.

A war broke out among the two Races and unfortunately the Blue Bloods were not only beaten down.
They were deemed unworthy.
Back then “Bad Bloods” didn’t mean you didn’t follow the Honor Code.
It was just a Name to give to a Yautja that didn’t want to obey.

So what was left of the Blue Bloods, they evacuated.
The problem was that over time.
Blue Bloods became so tech advanced that they found a way to enhance their life span for many years.
But they couldn’t Breed anymore.
There was no way to get a next of kin for their race.
And as time went on and Yautja adopted the new code.

They’re “Bad Blood” name made them targets for hunting.
Especially for their Tech.
They were Hunted to much that they went into hiding among Races not of their own.
And in solitude.

I get the idea that Yautjas are these strong honored creatures.
But if your alone for millions of years, it does things to a creature.
Most of them literally saw no worth in living.
Often killing themselves in ritualistic ways.

While others stayed to protect their Tech from the hands of the new Breeded Yautjas and Elders.

Thus Pharaoh is such one.
She is protecting tech that is highly advanced from both humans and other yautja.
At this point.
Not only is she OLD AS HELL.
She’s killing other Yautja not even knowing the code of honor, cause back then.
it wasn’t what it was now.
She just thinks their Yautja sent to steal her tech.
And humans all the same.

Thats whey the Races don’t care if their alive or dead because they don’t really know the history of their Kind.
TO be honest.
A Yautja would probably look at Pharaoh and think it was just another Yautja.

Literally the Scarabs, (in the game we made)
They wont attack the human player, if they’re holding a bottle of Blue Blood.
Because the Scarabs are programed to not attack the Blood of their masters.

All their highly advanced weapons are Blood Coded to their masters.
Give them Yautja tech in the now and they’ll probably figure how to create a black hole with it.

But they live in this state of unknown, and having no idea what’s changed, their literally just relics now.
Nearly Extinct relics but yah.
I bet their tongue isn’t even the same as the New Breed of Yautja, so talking might even be a hurtle and a half for these guys.

But yeah that was our idea at least.
We wanted something off the main path so we had room to make some mistakes and breath.
Before tackling real Fixed Lore.


Yeah there are two endings. Red Bottle Blue Bottle.
That helps me determined the Hammer Head Badge.

your doing Great though, I was surprised anyone tried the game.


What do I do with the letter and the red canteen
I know the letter read “throw water at it”

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I do like that.

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With this -


Including the Participation Badge.




This was really a fun experience and I loved it!!!
I hope @IllFonic can make some interesting stuff like this down the line.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet if you two ever find the time I hope you can play @Papa_Applepie 's little fan game


How do I play the game?


Click that above to go Directly to the game.
Also recommend full screening it to get the full picture.

Next time ill have to adjust for Phone setting.

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