Pig amounts

Okay, so I know the ammo and supply crates got reduced. So Now we need to reduce the Amount of pigs in the match. It’s Insanely good how you can almost recover full health from a pig. Either you keep the amount of pigs but Reduce the amount of health they can give you, or Reduce the Amount of pigs and keep the Amount of Health they heal you for. or at least when the FT kills a pig you can make it so the Predator can’t gain health

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They are spawn countless. Instant Restore > 80% HP near FT. There is no such ammo for FT as Healing source for pred ^^.

I disagree, they’re fine the way they are now and can still be challenge to find on the map, esp if target isolation is in cool-down.

The Predator has to disengage with the FT to feed on wild boars 🐗 and sometimes that can be the difference of a FT successfully exfiling.

The Predator is one versus many and should have certain advantages and win matches more often that the FT.


Well It just seems that the Generator is wonky, as a pred i have seen one area with 6 damn pigs together lol

Okay I understand that, But as a Predator can Destroy Ammo and Health Supplies, the Fire team should be able to make sure the Pig Can’t be used for the Predator to gain health.


Y, 90% of games i don’t use any medicine and don’t care about incoming dmg because of usually some pigs in leap range.

When fireteam gets stalled at the compound for an amount of time a bunch of pigs spawn around line of sight of the fireteam at the set spawn in that area near the fenceline. Minus that ruins area and the mini swamp where the pigs are up on the hill out of sight.

If its a fireteam rushing objectives and moving around there’s few pigs the whole game. You end up looking for pigs far enough away that wont get you killed and the choppers called, better to use medkits.

If devs wanted fireteam to have that much direct control over the power role healing then they would’ve just made the pred not able to eat the pigs they shot.
They clearly dont if they instead spawn the pigs in a vicinity around the FT so the fireteam can contest the pigs spawning a leap’s range away if they’re playing aggressively.

They can kill pigs and as a result the Predator can’t feed off them. Maybe what’s needed is a longer re-spawn window after a pig is killed?

He can and dead pigs even show up on the preds map if the fireteam killed them. It’s intentional.

I walked around a corner on the logging map and there was a herd of like 10-12 hogs that took off running. I agree lower the amount of them.

I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. I only seem to see the pigs I kill as the Predator.

Unless every match I play nobody kills pigs that’s been my experience.

We should conduct a private match test.

Exactly everyone stopped killing pigs BECAUSE the pred can see them



The amount of pigs is fine. Besides, you either get whole herds of them or only one or two each game. The Predator also has to leave the fight to feed on them.

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actually this was changed.
it’s not in patch notes but I have witnessed FT kill a pig and it didn’t pop on my map. (PC)
(also hear them shoot them often and again they don’t show on map)

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They still need to adjust it, i have seen like 8 pigs grouped together, kinda busted.

they should fix where they spawn, i have seen a clump of 8 in a single area.

My take on this would be… they need to not make the pigs spawn around FT or even at all spawn gradually… rather having like around 8-12 pigs around the map, and actually fix the isolation… its basically fine. aslong as they can kinda decrease how much a pig actually heals you up… so they need to decrease it by 10-20%… BUT yeah pigs are actually so broken right now in terms of overall spawning dissapearing healing and overall AI of it is kinda weird…

this is not true i as FT have killed pigs and used them as bait to down predators if FT kills a pig it shows up on the predators map it’s just nowadays no one kills pigs anymore cause it reveals their position and gives the pred a free heal when intead they should be used as bait whenver the predator has been 2nd winded or just had a fight

unless this was changed in 1.11 which i have to assume it hasn’t the only way they disapear on the map is when the pig corpse despawns

also this is not related to you but more for the thread as a whole
atm i find pigs to be very feast or famine either there are 2a many pigs or too few i would like it to be changed to be a set number spawn per map at the random spawn locations of course they can move/get spooked by FT and pred still has to find them this way predators aren’t forced to take medkits on every single build cause they can guarentee pigs will be in certain locations and there are always so many on the map after all FT have set medkit locations on every map that’s 100% ALWAYS in the correct location rather than what we have right now where pigs spawn sometimes and it’s either too many or literally just one