Plasma spammers??

What y’all think of plasma spammers??? In my opinion there’s no skill in it it’s not like the bow were you actually need accuracy.


Because you dont need to be accurate with the plasma???


Splash damage bro. Yes you need to be accurate but not as accurate as the bow.

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Kk well you FT need to stop spamming your mains guns and your secondary. You need to aim yes but its unskilled as fuck


There’s a difference between using it to do damage and just constantly spamming it no melee attacks or anything or claiming and blast away

Kk judging by your comment your new.

Alright time for you to learn this. Good predator will never. Never go melee against a full team of FT. Its not rewarding. It’s easy to counter and its easy to melt a predator when he try to quick claim

Second off FT have the better long range weapon and a better DPS them the predator does only the plasma come close. But in general Ft is way more powerful and have enough medkit and amo crates on the map for negate every damage deal by the predator.

So yes until we have a better weapon (the bow is too slow and inaccurate. Disc too hard to use, gun too weak) plasma will remain our only option as pred player

Also in the movie tiny reminder that the pred never goes melee against dutch team screaming like a child and dying in 5 seconds


Good random ft teams or PC death squads gonna melt you before you can even fire a single plasma.
Plasma is working against potatoes


Absolute garbage. Melee will get you melted


shut up

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Would a hunter charge a male deer with antlers? No they use rifles for that, remember this game is just a adaptation of the films to best reproduce nostalgia for fans who want to HUNT like a Predator or relive their childhood fear and sort of speak FIGHT THEIR DEMONS 😁 at least in my opinion 😂


Hell yeah.

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All of the ft attacks are like that though.
Especially when they spam nades.

So why is it ok for ft to have consistent fire rate, but not pred?


It’s fine right now, but I think overall that it should be reduced about 5-10% damage for a quick uncharged plasma shot, but it’s not a big enough deal to really be any kind of issue so whatever.

Plasma is for noobs. The axe is for the elite. Suck my balls.


The way I see it is; If you want to be a plasma caster with the ability to spam, by all means you should have to build that class. It should not just be given ability when the “Predator” is failing to kill the team. At the same time different Predator should have different heating levels to there plasma caster and therefore having to cool down their casters. This way spamming can be obtained but at the cost of possible over heating if the mini game is failed. Personally I’d liked it if they made it so FireTeam can destroy the caster…


Yes be cause the ft doesnt have enough of an advantage lol


The way he says does sound like he wants a nerf but his idea as a generality has some merit.

In general builds should be built around a playstyle.

I’d be fine if they introduced perks, gear, and specializations that allowed you to build around having to manage charge times.

Maybe a perk where plasma caster charges passively until fully charged but takes longer to charge

Or another build that seperates normal energy and plasma caster energy at some sort of cost.

Yeah but the way but he talks. It would have to come with a huge nerf.

The way you’re saying it too.
I dont mind giving stronger bonuses at some cost, but only of you want that.
Unless it’s a really good buff I’d rather not do it and keep what we have in terms of the pc.

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Another thing, yes the classes should all feel different.
But this has to go beyond the builds.
Like remove slam from scout and give him 3 to 5 different options.

I’ve mentioned this stuff before.
I think even to you.

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