Play my game if you ain't a wuss

Rules are simple: List you super power, whoever replies get to list your side effect/s.

I tried but every time I think of one, someone already took the idea 😔

Evil Superman

Evil Batman

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But you suffer from severe skin degradation that you must conceal from exposure to sunlight. Whilst hiding, you suffer from unbearable itches that no amount of mental discipline would ever ignore it. It is uncurable and any attempts of doing so would result into either losing your powers and reducing you into a feeble mortal man or a pile of sentient immortal puddle of mud writhin in even greater pain than you’d ever have with your current side effects. You also suffer from severe hallucinations where you’ll only see your worst traumatic experiences in grotesque forms trying to attack you and you’ll feel pain that adds to your first side-effects.

This is so played out.

You playing or what?

Why do you have a picture of HP Lovecraft? The dude writes good books, but he has nothing to do with with superpowers.

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No matter what power, @Berz is a firepussy.

Have you seen me play as a fireteam?


That doesn’t matter, I’m just choosing the side effect lol.

Well too bad you commented. Therefore you tell me your powers

Ok, the power to be unaffected in any negative way.
No matter what.

Unfortunately said powers do not exist. Instead, your side effects involved your uvula mutating into a mindless squirming armored worm that constantly eats away your esophagus until it kills you slowly. Immune to your powers or any other means. It only dies 3 days after you die.

I said I couldn’t make one? But if I did I’m immune to what you said, I’m a God…like being

Nope doesn’t work that way.
And you can’t add a side effect when there’s no powers so you’re breaking 2 rules of the game.

So fun, you wanna play this game but cant even follow the rules.

Seriously you just pulled some major firepussy shit.


Your immune, but your powers only work on a single planet, and can not affect anywhere else.
Also if you use your powers a loved one dies.

Not even omnipotence can save you. You will give birth to other god-like beings more powerful than you randomly through your urethra and not even your omnipotence can numb or take away the pain of the process and the process itself.

Welcome to my post. You have no power here

Hahaha… you have no power here

Your post doesn’t change the rules.
So what you said never happened.
You hold no power.
And btw there was a way to get around what I said but you’re not smart enough to see it lol