Playstation Players: If you could buy a compatible kb/m, would you?

Would you buy a keyboard and mouse combo which is 100% compatible with every First Person SHooter game on PS would you if it were affordable?
That said, would you toss aside the bean bag chair and sit at a desk for this?

  • Yes
  • No

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No to the bean chair either

I’m not that into gaming

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No cause I dislike the feel of keyboard and mouse personally, to sensetive for me, also I already sit at a desk lol, I would ditch regular controls for gyro since aiming is 10x better with that imo.

No cause true gamers use controllers, just like the golden days of gaming.

Only social rejects use computers for gaming.
Suck it nerd lol.

No but seriously, I’ve only played one game where keyboard felt better than a controller.
I find controller just feels better.

If we can find a way to combine mouse with controller, I’d be willing to try that out.

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Was this on pc? or console?

Get your NES glory days attitude outta here.


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Fine I’m not playing legends with you. >_<

I dont get your logic fire, have you ever played Uncharted on controllers? THe aiming was fucked as hell…

How dare you!

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Lmao I was never a fan of those.
Besides golden eye was better :p

The only way to play Uncharted now is with the PS4 collection, otherwise yes the PS3 versions aiming was terrible.

And probably the best way to play it soon is on PS5 at 120fps with ray tracing.

I have access to a k&m but I don’t have the right setup to use them, for this game or any other game. Besides I prefer the compact nature of the controller over the wide array of random buttons I have before me

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I think I played it on my toaster

If I wanted to play on KB&M I’d play on PC.

If I wanted to play games on PC, I wouldn’t be using a potato with a #2 pencil stabbed into it and some jumper cables for a PC

Consoles are not to play with keyboard and mouse, the controls are for console.

8 votes out of the potential 500,000 player base that is PS…ooh…now you know how many here gaf about PS.

Not a fan of uncharted.
Sry didn’t see this response til right now.
You gotta understand I’m purely going off of what feels better and good to me.

I understand what advantages mouse has.
It’s a few little things here and there that help alot in shooters.

I’ve said it before the mouse part I get, but I hate using a keyboard.

This is all just preference to me.

It’s been 30 minutes…

That just sounds like a challenge mode xD.

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