Having to wait 10-20 minutes between matches just play as the predator against something that isn’t braindead AI (the fireteam bots will only follow you and do nothing but kill other bots).

So PLEASE just add an ACTUAL SINGLEPLAYER MODE, I know Illfonic can do it since there was the leak of the lone wolf mode, so WHY in the name of all that is good and holy is this not a thing by now!?

I came here to play as the Predator but I am NOT going to wait up-to 20 minutes just for a 15 minute match with level 0-999+ fireteam members who insta-spots and forces me to do nothing for the whole match.

If I wanted to play COD (which is what playing fireteam feels like) then I would go and play COD, NOT P:HG

The game is practically dead/dying and Illfonic is apparently more focused on sitting on their hands and ignoring the game and all of the balance issues.

Private match is NOT singleplayer, at least not for a Predator main, please add a proper singleplayer before I get a depression.


This is a fantastic idea that has never been discussed before


Really I thought my idea of story mode was it? 🥺

A. The lone wolf mode is bullshit, nothing more.

B. They already fucked up the main game, you think single player is going to be any good?


Lol it be what we already do but no Predator lol completing objectives until exfill lol

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And yet you want them to make a single player mode… I really don’t know what you’re expecting here. Illfonic can’t even fix minor bugs or implement minor changes without the game breaking itself and yet you want a mode that lacks all the thing that make the game fun and fill it with brain dead bots.

I just want to be able to play as the Predator without having to wait 10-20 minutes between horribly balanced matches where I’ll be insta spotted by 3 level 999 players and then killed before the 3 minute mark and then have to wait another 10-20 minutes just to get the same exact outcome.

Your best options then are to either bite bullet and keep playing randoms, find some equally skilled friends and play privates like everyone else here, or play another game. If you’re going to hold your breath waiting for a single player mode then I’m afraid you’ll be long dead before you ever get one.

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Not holding my breath or anything, just sick and tired of rando’s and the fact that I have 0 friends to play with.

No better place to start asking for people to play with then. Just make sure to specify low skill players as the second you try to say you are good/skilled you’ll get everyone who still no life’s this game swarming all over you.

I would never claim to be a good or (gods forbid) a skilled player, I know I suck.


For fucks sake no.

The answer will always be no.


The same mode?

Find some friends who are the same bad as you are and play private matches with them, solved.

The people, at least you can make stupid shit happen with real people.

Buddy even just getting a new shader is a fucking miracle. Single player mode is a no go. Though apparently Ghostbusters is gonna have it for both sides. That’s gonna be interesting to see what the bots are like on there compared to this game.

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It would be better if they actually close the servers and move on.

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God willing.

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