Poll: Should Jungle hunter 87 be released for everyone to unlock or purchase? (Stop posting about it. Poll says all)

There is no rule of law
If your on pc you can easily hack the skin

Good for you, just makes you a thief.

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Oh really? So you bought this game called Predator Hunting Grounds but if the devs decide to change it’s content to Super Mario Kart or whatever, it is ok right?

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Did I say completely change the content of the game or did I say balance adjustments and cosmetic details?

$&@?! That I want this guy!


Plz! @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet

With exclusive knife perk or secondary


I know, i was just trolling.
What i mean is, they can possibly change the hell they want, but in the particular situation of paid DLC’s if they change something, they should give the option to ask for a refund. Cause if someone buys a DLC, they want it exactly like it was at the moment of the purchase, not more and definitively not less.

Jealous cause you paid more than me

That’s not how at least half of all pre-orders work. They don’t stay exclusive to pre-order sales, especially if it’s a big ticket item that they can sell after the fact—most notably while there’s huge traction in added traffic by new players. In this case, it’s due to the temporary price drop of the game. Not capitalizing on it is a huge mistake. It’s literally throwing money away.

Also, the whole lawsuit angle is bollocks. No one can win that case in court and you plebs know it. You’d rather keep the skin for yourselves so that you can gloat about it, due to some jacked up sense of a superiority complex—instead of having the game turn a profit off of content that actually makes the game thrive. The game needs Jungle Hunter and AvP Predators on the marketplace. Period. There is no discussion otherwise.

Hack it… games used to be free skins and models… greedy developers ruined it
So know i hack the game

Did the steam version even get the thing? I don’t even think I could blame them for hacking it. In fact, I’d actually encourage it, in this case. I’d rather see, you know, the developers make money off of it, but what can you do.

What does it really matter though. When Alien Fireteam comes out, this game will sit and rot, because it’s run by literal retards.

Then Disney will automatically lose the rights and Predator will be a dead series. It may only be the American rights but they will simply put their international rights on the shelf and block the brothers from producing anything related to the project.

I see why you’re so willing to trade others integrity, you don’t have any of your own.

No, I’m just a realist and that is clearly a shit lawsuit that wouldn’t make it past the front desk of a small claims court. Anyone touting such a thing as a serious possibility is as delusional as the Jonestown cult.

If they make the Jungle Hunter buyable to put the Pre-order buyers happy!

Make him a premium dlc and he cost $59.99

You want him so bad fine so be it but he is going to cost you the game price so do you want to buy this game more than once!

there are algorithms you can get that crack game DLCs. It makes it look like you bought the game

Wait what forum is this?.. could have sworn my other community was debating Jonestown not this one.

Like I said man. It isn’t about getting sued, it’s about the loss of integrity. If you say one thing and do another, no one has to take you seriously.
You can blah blah blah all day, still not getting JH, so have fun screaming at the void buddy.

Already have. Both the physical and digital copies have been on sale.

Like most post on this shitty forum tis a dumpster fire

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Pretty sure there’s a fuck off button somewhere, if you don’t want to enter certain conversations. I use it regularly.

I’m 100% for adding Serpent hunter!