Poll: Should Jungle hunter 87 be released for everyone to unlock or purchase? (Stop posting about it. Poll says all)

Should Jungle hunter 87 be released for everyone to buy/unlock?

  • Jungle hunter 87 should be released
  • Jungle hunter 87 shouldnt be released

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Dont bother replying. I dont care any way. I just want everyone to see where the majority stands on it.


There’s a petition with dozens of signatures last time I checked like 3 months ago. Probably hundreds by now.

I preorder the game. But i vote to release him for those Who missed him cause i understand the feeling.


This is dumb (no offense) my guy 87 is “exclusive”

  1. They didn’t release savani
  2. Theirs barely any unique preds now and it sucks

I remember seeing a damn alpha and being like oh fucc that’s cool as shit now everyone has it and doesn’t bother to use it cuhz it’s not special

But now evertime I see or use 87 I’m like yessssss

A unique hunter not like everything else I’ve seen

So my point being it stays exclusive to the pre order

@OldKingHamlet @Courier


Btw I’m not trying to be that guy “ohhh nobody else can have it” but do u guys not wanna see unique and rare preds but instead the same pred on repeat?

No, never.

More so because of this nonsense.
(Not directed at an individual just the idea.)


I honestly don’t give a fu$& lol all the preds are always the same. I see jungle hunter 87 all the time. What makes predators unique is the camo/shaders, your mask paint, different masks. Whenever I see a predator “shaded” out it’s always unique with different styles.
You “don’t want to be that guy “but you are being that guy lol
Hell every dlc Predator is $5 so realease him as paid dlc like they did with Alpha predator. I wouldn’t mind paying $5 if it’s stops everyone from bitching about “exclusive this and I’m special”. If that helps then shut up and take my money lol.

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No. Jungle Hunter was an exclusive skin, it was marketed as such, and it was not going to be released to everyone else. That was your reward for pre-ordering the game.

It will not be released, that is a violation of the pre-order terms. Stop asking.

Elder looks almost the same, it looks VERY similar.

Just stop asking. Stop making polls. They won’t do it, it will not happen, it would get them in legal trouble. Just like Savini Jason in F13, people will be complaining for a long time now that the skin should be released to the public, but it won’t be. It is a pre-order exclusive.

Don’t like it? Tough.


I don’t know if this is the best place for a true poll because most of the people on this forum are those that pre ordered the game obviously lol.

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The replies are. The poll isnt.


No, the replies show what everyone thinks of the poll; it’s a shitty idea.

I’m sorry. It won’t happen. Just stop trying. It would get them in legal trouble for misleading their pre-order customers, so they won’t do it. There is literally no way for them to release it to the public.

Lmao triggered much

I’m tired of seeing these posts; the forum has been consumed by them for days now. Just stop.

You have other customization options that make your predator look very much like the jungle hunter. They cannot legally release jungle hunter to the public. It is useless to ask.

I didnt vote. Nor do I give a flying fuck. So you can stand down.

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Lol honestly they can do whatever they want with it. They own the rights to it not you

No; they cannot. Legally, it was listed as being a PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE.

Let me repeat that one more time, since you’re clearly a fucking brainlet.


They CANNOT release it, or their original marketing for the skin would fall under scrutiny for misleading and lying to customers, which can get the company sued for a very hefty amount of money. I am not upset at you, I’m upset that people keep asking.
They CANNOT release it, or it will fuck them over. They’re not going to get sued just to release a skin.