Possibility of other game modes and maps to expand the experience.

-<You guys, the readers, have to brace as I might slam a giant wall of text here and if you manage to read it, I thank you for investing the time and energy into this. Apologies but the list of things is long and things are always complicated to begin with.>-

I am making this post/thread first of all to send congratulations for the team and all the people involved in this project and wish everybody success in the coming period and with the new year despite the pandemics political turmoils and other setbacks we faced in the last period.

I wish to send some feedback but also share new ideas and throw light on possible takes this beautiful…even of not perfect, game might go as a path in the future so I will be listing a few suggestions as well as possible ideas regarding what could possibly make this a worthy experience in what means the Predator legacy and the Hunting Grounds game.

Again I wish to congratulate and despite some brainless and annoying peers ranting pretentiously about what works and what does not work, also wish to help the positive side of the community who help things get better and do their best to work with the development teams.
I know and am aware, along with some out there, that is not an easy task, and as well as it might seem for many what looks like an easy job, I know…working myself in development back trough the years right before I chose another way of life and decided to make something more in life, that is far from a walk in the park handling such projects and the difficulty encountered into crafting this digital piece of art and entertainment. Again, kudos and all the respect, keep it up as you are doing a tremendous and good job, and I think I can say this in the name of all the fans of the characters and franchise that are out there.
I will try to structure this as rigorous as possible and am willing to discuss and evolve or develop and expand on anything I will post here as well as give as much time as I can to the topic if necessary.

Things are as follow:

  1. Cameos and possible fears what this might lead to:
    I think all of us appreciate cameos, and as happy as we can get, the community and everybody who is a fan of the franchise will be concerned of the recent introductions of stars such as athletes that were recently added to the game. Why is that?
    As long as it is a beautiful thing to see people of all areas or backgrounds participating and with all do respect for the people managing to help sponsor your work by these actions…I wish to raise awareness about the fact that like in other parts of gaming and entertainment, when it comes to these practices, things like sports for example tend to be a business and just as things like managers or agents of celebrities of all kinds along with shareholders and other business opportunists out there that have little to no idea what the franchise or characters are about and do not share an avid view or are not passionate to the subject or characters have the tendencies to make a fiasco out of things as gaming experiences, tittles, franchises, characters and we all know and witness with examples out there of titles like FIFA, MADDEN and other sports based titles the monetisation and practices of gambling when it comes to forms of loot boxes. As this was eventually toned down and was given a somewhat fair way of practice given the game and how it was put in the game itself, we must constantly raise awareness about these issues to the development community and their backers about these types of issues.
    So far I am personally satisfied along with many how things worked in this sense and strongly hope that in the near future, Illfonic will mange to keep safety distance from these practices. If not, well, it will all fall probably in disgrace like other giants such as E.A. where the management and investors don’t see anything but a slot machine or cash grab with every title they release from the brainless sports peer fooling everybody each year in recycling titles each and every time. Everything in that sense, is proven by numerous reviewers and YouTubers out there and allow communities who help fight these things on the frontline, just in case anybody needs more reference, plenty of it.
    This aspect can probably apply for any title, studio and community out there, not just Illfonic’s Predator Hunting Grounds, as a note.
    As a closing statement, I and may I say, we…as a community probably agree and enjoy any cameo especially the ones of actors and celebs tied to the franchise, Mr. Glover, Mr. Schwarzenegger and other stars deserve the spotlights by far.

  2. Possibility of new game modes and maps is endless:

I already managed to post somewhere around this forum and managed to get into this topic a little. So I will try to expand it here and if anyone can join the debate and help with innovation and maybe we can keep up coming with good ideas…together as an overall community.

A) Possibility for a new game mode that can be called simply and look like a temple run and showdown and that would work well with what the developers have at hand as in game engine assets (pyramids and ziggurats of Aztec origin found in the game) and put to good use by modifying and getting something spectacular out of it.
The game mode would surely be something worth playing and stimulating for both side of the team, as it could explore the actual haste of both factions to reach and retrieve an artifact used as a common goal somewhere deep down in a temple of let’s say historical or actual bizarre origin(if we wish to put some predator lore and influence in the structure of the map) the temple might be housing actually an artifact of high or advanced technology that both teams need to claim and escape after that.
The level itself can be portrayed with multiple sections along the race for the artifact where the teams can actually face eachother and make eachother’s tasks more difficult trough confrontation, either with traps that can be placed to be triggered into slowing eachother down trough numerous ways as well as NPC/AI interference while in the run for the objective(survival in the run to retrieve the artifact and facing the obstacles in doing it emphasized by the examples above; traps, enemy AI storming the scenes and pathways of both factions as well as the sections of direct confrontation between the two main sides).
This would render in the game to actually balance even trough the increase of the number of players that can participate in the actual session like having 2 predators on the faction or side, as well as increase up to even 5-6 fireteam members even(?) on the other. These things are just an idea so hope it does not get too much scrutiny in the detriment of just exemplifying things by any of the folks out there.

B) Since the introduction of the City Hunter that was a beautiful touch and addition from my view, from the devs, and was somehow welcomed and expected by the vast community it would be a wonderful addition, a great touch and probably an excellent way to celebrate and promote iconic talents of the actors and peers who had a play and role in the Predator cinematography and mythos/universe overall. A great addition would be, since we have the City Hunter, the outstanding appearance…if it would be possible, and also would offer an homage to talents such as the talented Alice Braga, the respected Adrien Brody (Both from Predators movie) or the distinguished Danny Glover(Predator 2) as possible cameos just as the brilliant Mr. Schwarzenegger had along with others until now (if possible that is, obviously) as playable characters in their performed personas.

C) As far as the City Hunter or how I used to refer to in the previous post I made some time ago…the “Concrete Jungle” type of map(nice throw to the old game here wink), that would take part in the city it would be of great addition a map to either portray a drug type of war or a turf war or conflict where the Fireteams has a role of an actual anti-terrorist or swat type of group in urban areas and the predator to be drawn to conflict looking for a challenge and opportunity to hunt as it usually would.
Themes and objectives that could be running around or spin around the idea of law enforcement or a wide/massive homeland security narcotics operation or bust, that would render in capture of drug or weapons dealing lords or even elements of protecting a certain VIP and even stop businesses of counterfeit money or illegal money or artifact trades of all sorts, just as they are present of other maps in terms of missions all happening in cities, neighborhoods or parts of the world ravaged by organised crime.
This would lead to specific implementation of new skins of NPCs of different backgrounds and cultural influences that can be inserted in the game as well. Giving the A.I. Fighters, a suitable look for urban fight or assault and such things for example specific to the places or geographic location or origin of the map(North America, Central or South America, Europe or anything else).
Overall structure or possible takes or suggestions of the urban style map would be the blending in of the predator and the use of predkour areas of high buildings, facades of architectural structures and different objects and takes of the usual surroundings, such as fire escape stairways, large light sources and such, Street lights, billboards and architecture size of buildings depending on the locations of the urban area (i.e. a business area / sectors of cities or just something like a poor/social area or neighborhoods or ghetto types in terms of themes in a city).
Also to be mentioned, in terms of cover for the Fireteams, instead of having mud to use as hiding their bodyheat signatures, the teams can use heat pipes and urban hot steam instalations especially if the fighting area can be in a warehouse type of facility or if it involves a construction site type of some sort or sewers that would render a good, feasible and logical more justifiable and realistic approach of setting for the type of map.
Here the creative opportunity is endless, as in such environments many elements composing these maps can be built to be used by both, fireteams and the predator depending on the overall design and layout of the map.

All this being said I just leave this here and hope many out there are cordial and agree on these aspects as this can be at least a push towards enrichment of the game and an opportunity to develop and expand the current content into something better. Also to be noted is that is nothing wrong into placing foreign or exotic or local languages specific to the area or setting in a game. If action happens in South America then why not use A.I speaking different languages specific to the places? Gives a sense of attention to detail, Immersion and diversity.

Cheers and thank you for reading.
Edited for minor corrections and for text consistency


I don’t get why people are upset over Dante

As if a football player never joined the military 🤦

Btw no one is going to read all that


Is no problem whatsoever in the use of sport stars or athletes…heck, even Arnold himself is a renowned actor, political figure(governor) and bodybuilder as titles, is probably a cool thing to have for the sports community and the involvement is appreciated giving it a slick vibe overall and also a breeze of fresh air overall to the franchise.

If you and the rest read on the other hand what I said there, or hope most do, is the concern of the microtransactions and monetization as these things automatically pull in such practices from titles of the likes of FIFA, NHL, MADDEN and other sports themed games out there which are prone to become and some turned into a casino type of business. Meant to drain the pockets of folks out there.

So the overall aspect in the mentioned concern is more towards the phrase “let’s keep in Vegas what’s meant for Vegas” if I might say so.

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I for one have no issue paying money for new characters, weapons, skins and maps

I believe doing so allows the team to bring on more employees (we know they need em)

To make content happen on a larger scale and at a higher frequency

I truly believe there will be a total of 7 maps in this game with the current formula


Here as well, I pre-ordered and after that managed to purchase out of passion for the franchise and work the city hunter for example.

I made it clear that is a statement of precaution they need as devs to keep in mind, what I talked about in regards of having caution with these things. So far they do a terrific job. 👍

Edited for more clarification

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Sure thing man, I am all in for it, with the current DLC systems and all I am willing to buy from passion and support all their work how much I can.

I think this has by far massive potential that I am eager to see in the future in terms of content. Cosmetics are fine or brilliant as well as consistent DLCs.

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You start off by Insulting others which makes you sound, in your words, annoying, and pretentious.

I cant really say if you’re brainless or not.

A lot of the complaints illfonic has received is deserved.
Mainly the bug issues and complaints about lack of communication.

Some advice though, if you really want people to read your post.

All you gotta do is add spaces in between paragraphs.

Add some spaces after ever 3 sentences or 4, it will become way easier to read.
Right now it’s too hard with how jumbled up anything is.

@REYNOSO_FUA11 here you wanted more inclusion here tu are buddy.

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Your idea of spreading in paragraphs can’t be brainlessly done as you are insinuating or hold to, simply because the ideas are descriptive enough and contain many explanations and necessary points.

Second, I am insulting nobody but the annoying ones, probably like you tend to be apparently. As I simply mentioned the fact that despite the game not being perfect and making the game being a difficult task given the resources and overall layout of the task…which many out there do not appreciate at least for the effort of the teams. In other words, enough splashing them with mud…let’s encourage them as well (going alk negative on somebody’s a*s is annoying and almost never helps), like you are here.

I never disregarded or touched the subject of the game having bugs, it does, and hey…a lot of the games out there had and have. In time everything can be fixed with patience.

As a last note, I hope this is enough spacing for you, the only one being pretentious here being none other than yourself. I did not graduate in any major that involves writing so pardon me if I don’t write at Shakespearian level English, nor am I versatile in writing scripts and/or novels to please infatuated peers like you. I did my best to structure and compile every detail and information I had in a relatively OK sized text.

Funny how you wanna make me look like you say I am there, as eventually turns out that you are exactly what you describe.

Edited for text consistency


Wtf did you bring me into.

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Jesus fucking christ you’re one of those people, who love to use certain words to try to sound smarter than they actually are.

The way you talk, rather the way you speak, you come off as pretentious than a mother fucker.

Also pressing space isnt that hard.
But before we continue. You started off by calling people annoying, brainless, and pretentious.

Yet all I did was tell you, that that’s how you sound, that’s how you’re coming across, and right away you get defensive and act like I started it.

Maybe choose your words more carefully?
You’re clearly into words given how you write,
Perhaps learning how they might across might help?

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Was honestly hoping hed put in some spaces so it wouldnt be a wall, he got offended cause I told him too and ya.

I guess spacing shit offended him.

So ya know, we could just read what he wrote, see if there was any good ideas.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Apparently I am not the one who doesn’t know how to read a text.

PS: as long as you were rambling I did and do look over the texts I post just to be able to make the ideas more eloquent. Refresh from time to time as it is a big task to do this, given the fact that you have no idea of factors like people having keyboards and autocorrects on keyboards in multiple languages because some people write and know and use multiple languages out there in the world. That also explains why I have to correct typos.

I am defensive, of course, despite explaining things because you are the one bouncing up and down like a spoiled brat.

Look, in the interest of not being children, I offer you a chance for both of us to take a step back, and start over.

Believe it or not, I wasnt trying to come at you,
But I did find it a bit fucked up that you essentially started off by insulting people.

Second, look man, I’m really not trying to be rude here, but you do sound extremely pretentious.
I’m not trying to insult you, this is just how you sound.

But as a show of good faith, I’m going to try to read your original post.
Il let ya know what I think, you might have some good ideas.

Sound good?

I told the truth, does that come out insuiting for the likes of you?

PPS: I just said what I had to say, I am not responsible of what you interpret in your head or mind as being quote “insulting” in the things I said.

You and everybody knows what I said was truthful and not insulting.

Aside that I praised and appreciate the work they do because is what matters, because I know how things relatively stand inside a development team and in a corporate environment.

And about the text, you can read it and understand? Good.
As for the wall of text, hey is a big chunk of text that has details on topics. Sorry man!


Don’t mind @Fire

He is a Furry degenerate who can’t help himself

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You’re ideas-
Not bad.
Been mentioned several times before.

The likes of me huh?
Jesus christ.

Look man, I was trying to make it so more people would read your post.
Most people here, do not read walls of text because it’s a pain in the ass to read.

But me and quite a few other do read long post,
But only if it’s not a wall.

So believe it or not, I was trying to help you out.

And truthful in that sense is a matter of opinion.
Yes some people have been asshole but if youre trying to start off on a positive note, focusing on the negative, and wording it how you did doesnt really go hand in hand.

You’re going off perception, I Get it.
Consider what I said or dont,
Up to you.

Ar the very least though,
Understand That putting spaces to make things easier to read isnt really a matter of opinion.

We all learn in school early on a paragraph is like 5 sentences then you space it out.
Then people dont have to strain themselves.

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Dont you start with me.

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Man, apparently is a crime to try to support the devs as part of a community, people get fired up over a big chunk of text that is what is suppse to be…a damn big explicit piece of text on the topics you have there.

If he/she complains about this, is clear he/she doesn’t fully understand or he/she never experienced how things like brainstorming in terms of writing or creative content even looks or smells like out there in the office or studios. 😂