Predator 1987, and its clone captured

the predator of 1987 should be unique, but the developers not only made a predator similar to it, but also the characteristics of them are the same. tell the developers, did we buy the game on pre-order so that the predator of 1987 was stripped down? that’s why he is unique so that he is better than others in terms of characteristics.

my second topic microcomputer predator 1987


Its turtle time

This forum is 10 times boring than playing this mp game.



Predator in fortnite is better and you can put a cape

Stolen BioGoji suit was stolen.


More than? Less than? Equal to??

Well it missed Christmas, but my birthday is in a few months, so we’ll see 🤞


I’m wondering if the developers read the forum?

Yup. I get to read every single post :)


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sooo… how much you get paid for that? I mean, they must give you some compensation for the brain trauma?

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This game has every bug and glitch in technological history and THIS is what you complain about?

That’s one thing I respected f13 for no matter how many times people asked for the exclusive skin that you got if you pre ordered. Gun never dropped a replica or anything like it. People to this day was still asking to drop it and they said no. And I thought illfonic would treasure that as well but instead they put his mask in a drop and drop his body to buy. 87 skin should be exclusive and if you didn’t pre order then that’s your loss.

Anyway my skin will Always say jungle hunter 87 while there’s just “captured” haha


Bro, it’s LITERALLY a reskin. Stat-wise, it is a clone of the in-game hunter class in every way. So what if it isn’t 100000000% accurate to every movie ever made? You still get the gameplay. The torturous, laggy, buggy gameplay.

Buff Jungle Hunter 87, make him a preorder to win class.

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